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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Heriot-Watt University

Best - Located just 30 minutes from the city centre by bus, the university is situated inside a lush green campus. It provides a very conducive and stress-free environment.

worst - The batch size is one of the biggest problems with some courses having 150 plus students which can lead to a lack of individual attention from the tutors. This is especially a problem in the later parts of the courses like dissertation which demands a lot of one on one student-tutor interaction.

A suggestion for this would be limiting the number of vacancies for each course. read full review
The Heriot-Watt University is good because the staff are responsive. It makes the life of students very hard when in an unresponsive institute. The food and cafes available on campus is also a bonus. However one bad thing is the distance to city is a too far which makes life on campus quite boring. read full review
University is huge and very friendly atmosphere for studying and recreational. I would suggest the management to reduce the accommodation cost of University halls. read full review
Great campus with good food and computer facilities kind lecturers.
But disorganised hard to get meetings with the correct people timetables are a mess a few weeks into the course. Have a penitent for using students for experiments with regards to teaching styles. A mess trying to teach multiple campuses at same time read full review
Good uni, location and facilities however have found it difficult to locate relevant contact info and email addresses to get in contact with student services/ schools read full review
Heriot Watt is really nice, very close to everything you could need, campus is easy to get around, staff and lecturers are very friendly. I dont have see anything obvious that they could improve, course Im taking is really interesting, I'm very happy with my decision to study at Heriot Watt. read full review
My University goes to so much length to ensure students are comfortable. From free meals to well being sessions. We have a consolidation week where there are no lectures to enable students read up for mid semester tests.
Feedback is also taken seriously read full review
A great experience for the students while studying with a whole lot of activities apart from academics. read full review
As a current postgraduate student in the Digital Design and Innovation program at Heriot-Watt University, I can confidently say that this institution offers an outstanding academic experience. The program is designed to provide students with a deep understanding

One of the program's outstanding features is the quality of the faculty. The professors are experts in their respective fields, with extensive experience in digital design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. They are always available to answer questions, provide feedback on coursework and projects, and offer guidance on career opportunities.

Furthermore, the program provides a range of learning opportunities that have been instrumental in my studies. We have access to the latest software and design tools, as well as state-of-the-art labs and research facilities. We also have opportunities to collaborate with industry partners on real-world projects, which has helped me to develop practical skills and build my professional network.

The university has a strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, which is reflected in the program curriculum. We are encouraged to think creatively and develop entrepreneurial skills that will be valuable in a range of career paths. The program also provides opportunities to learn from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, which has been inspiring and informative. The university also offers a range of resources and support services, including career counseling and mentorship, that have been instrumental in my personal and professional development.

Regarding areas for improvement, I believe that there could be more practical opportunities to apply what we learn in the program. While the program does offer some real-world projects and collaborations with industry partners, I feel that more opportunities to work on real-world problems and gain hands-on experience would be beneficial.

Overall, I highly recommend the Digital Design and Innovation program at Heriot-Watt University to anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding academic experience in this field. The faculty, learning opportunities, and supportive community create an environment that is conducive to personal and academic growth, and I am confident that the skills and knowledge I am gaining will be invaluable in my future career. read full review