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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Bradford

Bradford is not a nice city to live in, and the university administration makes studying difficult at times. But my course and the faculty in my department are exceptional. read full review
Bradford as a city that has lots going on and allows students to experience a wide range of different cultures. The University reflects the diversity of the city and is a supporter of the city's of City of Sanctuary status. The people are welcoming and friendly. read full review
It was great and helped me to evolve a lot.
As an undergraduate and postgraduate , I had a great experience in many areas. I made many friends and some of them are for life.
I also gained work experience which helped me to gain confidence for applying full time jobs and have the ability to do my masters in part time hours. read full review
It was amazing! I come from a Latinamerican country and I simply never imagined studying could be so great. Uni became my home and a safe space where I know I can always go, work, see friends, meet new ones, get support and enjoy my student experience. read full review

Management MSc


Philomena - December 2018

My personal experience so far has been amazing and exciting. I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people who are so supportive in every way as best as they can, which I really find very helpful. read full review

Social Work MA


Danielle - December 2018

Life is good and university support our needs. But teaching is poor. Too many pointless guest lecturers and staff absence read full review

Psychology MSc


Sameena - December 2018

loving it I have gone back to university as a mature student of 42 years old, I feel like I am experiencing student life differently now as I have different responsibilities. I am learning to balance my personal/uni life.I would recommend post grad study to anyone read full review