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Reviews of Postgraduate Courses

The reviews below were submitted by students currently studying postgraduate courses at UK universities. Reviews contribute towards the Whatuni Student Choice Awards, which celebrate student satisfaction in higher education and offer insight into postgrad life at university.

Really good , I'm very much enjoying being in a city uni from my undergrad uni (Bangor), support networks are in place should we need them, facilities are good and the lecturer's passion is infectious. read full review

Chemistry PhD


Yalinu - November 2019

Memorable. I will never forget my time here at the University of Glasgow! Academics, friendships, environment, facilities, this school is just amazing! I do hope one day in the future, my future children will attend this Uni! read full review
It is far beyond my expectations both in terms of quality of education and facilities and approach of staff and students. I am really glad to be here. Glasgow is a great city as well! read full review
As we know, many people favor the idea that the college life is free and comfortable, but I’d like to say it’s not true. As a matter of fact, my life in university is so busy that I wonder if my energy is enough. As to my college life, I divide it into four parts, including study, student activities, library and the others.

Firstly, I want to talk about the study. In my opinion, study is the priority in college. When I received the letter of admission in summer, I knew clearly that what I should do. So I make up my mind to study hard and pursue learning as much as possible. I’m greatly convinced that knowledge can change my life. Therefore, I often go to the quiet study room where many people study there. By working so hard, I get good grades in the exams.

Secondly, student activities play an important role in our college life. To be honest, the student Union is a good place where one can develop social skills, get his abilities trained. I take part in many student activities. For example, I’ m a volunteer, teaching the kids to learn to dance and write. I think it’s meaningful for everyone to give a hand to others. I can also do some jobs in the Student Union, including receiving and sending fast mail, selling papers and magazines. I think they’re unforgettable and worthwhile experiences for me read full review
Although I like studying here and my department tries to make the best out of what they are given, it is clearly visible that the uni needs to produce measurable outcomes instead of educated critical thinkers. Teachers and tutors are not being given the time and resources to give in-depth feedback and support the learning process. Rather, this process is mechanised by using multiple-choice exams and letting the students do the tasks that would normally be undertaken by tutors, e.g through peer-reviews. In addition, the university fails to address apparent racism. Especially Chinese students are often marginalised by teaching staff and home students do not interact with them during classes at all, yet the uni does not implement strategies like intercultural communication and learning. In addition, it is visible that students from affluent backgrounds have the time to join societies and networking circles, whereas other, less privileged post-graduate students have to work jobs on the side that they are vastly overqualified for. All in all, I am inspired by the people I am allowed to learn with and from and the knowledge I was able to obtain here brings me personal happiness. On the other hand, my hopes to be able to pursue a PhD here at this uni have been crushed within the first month, since I don´t bring the necessary social captital to make it here. read full review
Very good. I would highly recommend this course and experience to everyone
It is very hectic course and lot to do but it is very useful one. If you want to be effective business analyst you should join in read full review
It has been great inside and outside the classroom. The classes are dynamic and fun and not at all a drag to go to. Outside the class, the organisations, sports and societies are fantastic, with something for everybody. read full review
I am very happy here in Glasgow. The university as well as student life is great and I can only recommend to everyone that choosing Glasgow is a good choice. read full review
Very good, i am very happy with my experience at the university of strathclyde. I am greatful for DMEM department staff for the help and support throughout my study period. read full review