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Reviews of Postgraduate Courses

The reviews below were submitted by students currently studying postgraduate courses at UK universities. Reviews contribute towards the Whatuni Student Choice Awards, which celebrate student satisfaction in higher education and offer insight into postgrad life at university.

great environment and facilities, such 3 d workshop with helpfull technitians. great fine art ma teacher who always open to support. freedom to create workshops and intalattions as experiment. read full review
The strikes have been very disruptive to learning which is something I haven't liked. But the University itself has been very welcoming and I have not felt out of place once. I have made great friends and I have enjoyed my experience. read full review
If I had to bring it down to 2 words it would be absolutely amazing. Uni of Hull provides anything and everything you need from a university. It's affordable, it's accessible and beautiful. The library is the best part and the professors are the cherry on top of the cake. read full review
I did my MSc in this university and continued with my MD here. Its so good that i continued with my postgraduate here. The students will not only study will also have a fun life and study at the same time read full review
Fantastic....and believe me i have attended 3 different Universities.
I can honestly say i would have gained my MSc without the University staff and academics..who go the extra mile to help the students read full review
the overall experience so far is best for me. i am able to learn new courses that will help me in professional life and i got a chance to re live university life after a gap of 13 years read full review
Loved it, very supportive, friendly! Sense of community! Get stuck into classes to make the most of your time. Each campus has a totally different feel so make sure you explore all of them read full review
I love university life, my subject & would love to commit to studying for a Doctorate too, but there are just too many financial implications & it is far too difficult to get the required reading done for masters seminars with a 4 year old. I should have waited until he was older, as its not achievable alongside caring responsibilities, work (i currently have 2 part-time jobs) or constant job searching as in year 1. I may enter an EdD in my 50s (over 5 years away) when he is older & I have re-qualified as a Teacher as I could get a bursary for a PGCE. The reading load is fine if you're 24/5, Chinese & have no commitments in the UK other than studying while living on / near campus, but not otherwise & we study the units at the same pace 200 hrs in 10 weeks per unit, should be a separate part-time programme with 20 weeks per unit for part-timers with caring responsibilities or a job. read full review
Fantastic! I risked a lot to start the program and so far I have learned a lot and everyone has been supportive. Although I would have had liked to have access to more up-to-date equipment I still feel I will gain a lot from the program to take into my professional life and beyond. read full review