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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Aston University, Birmingham

A great place to study . The most beautiful part is the environment inside the University to help the students to excel in their studies and future career goals. Expansion of the University campus is the need of the time to continue the progression. read full review
The positive point of Aston University, I think, is the high respect of the staff and professors for the students, as well as the follow-up of various matters as quickly as possible.

In my opinion, when international students enter the university, a series of problems arise for them. for example:
The first problem is the lack of understanding of the accent of people from other countries, and educational groups should provide programs to improve people's speaking and bring it closer to a standard and comprehensible level for everyone.
The second problem is the high volume of events inside and outside the university, which is relatively high and often interferes with students' main and classroom curricula, which causes students to lose focus and miss important and practical events.
I am studying in the field of Business and Management MSc, the biggest expectation I had from Aston University and Aston Business School was that I will study in an environment where my classmates often have professional work experience and background. This opportunity will be provided for networking and communicating with different people. But most of the students are young and this case is not very interesting to me.
Another important issue is that the university curriculum is very much based on personal study, and in fact, the professor does not teach much in face-to-face classes. Also, the training given is very theoretical and academic and does not have practical aspects in business, and also regarding the projects that have been asked of us for lessons such as AGA preparing a Business Plan, this issue is not considered at all. It has not been realized that many students have different educational backgrounds and now at this stage they have enrolled in this university to learn the important principles and basics of business and management, so they should get proper education first.
This position has caused my expectations from the university and field of study not to be met until this moment. As an international student from Iran, compared to other students, I have been able to prepare the required expenses for the tuition fee of this university, which is a high amount.
But after I came here, I realized that according to the educational method here, if I had studied online, it would have been much easier and cheaper for me, and this matter has made me discouraged!
And finally, in relation to the program AGA, this module could have been held much more interesting and useful instead of online sessions. In the form of workshops where students can learn in a practical way, the interaction and socializing of people in a class will improve. read full review
Everything is on one campus which is convenient but the main building can be difficult to navigate at first. My supervisory team are very supportive and encouraging, as well as being conscious and empathetic to my mental health support needs. Sometimes the communications (particularly financial) could be clearer. I was given some great opportunities such as paid experience lecturing and experience organising and running a conference. read full review
Aston university is good and practical knowledge is very good. I like my university. read full review
Studying in Aston university is one of my best experience in my life because I met people from all over world. And many more reasons.

Worst experience was that scholarship part. I applied in global ambassador scholarship in that we have to make 1 minutes video which prove social media influencer. I am YouTuber. I expect that I get this scholarship but university not given scholarship base on scholarship criteria who have not a YouTube channel who have not good social media platform who are match with that criteria they got that scholarship. So that part worst experience I feel. All over uni is good teaching, facility, campus everything was perfect. read full review
My best University experience is getting the best support I really needed from the school down to the student. The environment is student friendly.

My worst experience is locating my way around from classes to buildings and trying to navigate around the main building at my initial stage. read full review
best part is library and collection of books. read full review
Being a postgraduate disabled student of Aston University, my university experience has been going amazing so far!

Best aspects:

Accessibility Services: Aston University offers comprehensive accessibility services for students with disabilities. These services can include accommodations for coursework, exam arrangements, accessible campus transportation, and other resources to ensure equal access to academic opportunities.

Inclusive Campus Environment: Aston University has adopted policies and practices to create inclusive campus environment that welcomes and supports students with disabilities. This can include accessible buildings, inclusive language, and diverse representation.

Worst aspects:

Limited Accessibility: Despite efforts to make campus more accessible, Aston University may still have limited accessibility for students with disabilities. This can include buildings that are not wheelchair accessible or inaccessible technology used for coursework.

Lack of Awareness and Understanding: Some faculty and staff may lack awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by students with disabilities, which can lead to inadequate support and accommodations.
read full review
The School environment is awesome from main entrance to all the facilities and all support(staff). The lecturers are great and they make sure we the student understand fully before proceeding to the next. read full review
Best experience is the access to support for student.

I am yet to experience any bad experience except the intensive course work. read full review