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Reviews of Postgraduate Courses

The reviews below were submitted by students currently studying postgraduate courses at UK universities. Reviews contribute towards the Whatuni Student Choice Awards, which celebrate student satisfaction in higher education and offer insight into postgrad life at university.

It has been great, have enjoyed my experience as a whole so far and everyone is very friendly. There are always many opportunities shared with us and it is easy to meet other people. read full review
It’s been going great, the course is a bit hard to deal with as there’s a bunch of stuff that I haven’t studied before but the lectures help you out with that . read full review
My University experience / journey is memorable one. From the undergraduate point of view , it was filled with fun and educative as well ,due to the diversity of students in our degree course ( International Relations), willing and ready to assist each other . From the postgraduate part it is /was more intense and time constraint and a lot of assignments to be dealt with within a short space of time ( which pushes you to the edge, but at the same time preparing you job market ). I will always hold fond memories of the time I spent at London Met University. read full review
I feel comfortable now and a bright future will come after completion of my studies. I learn many useful things which are trending in my industry. I even have a chance to perform what is behind of the softwares during the classes. In addition,
i can use some other learned information in another classes. So we are in sync with all selected classes. The university has optimized everything almost in terms of industry standards and requirements. read full review
- I feel very disappointed about teaching quality and supports. As an postgraduate international student, I feel like a cash cow. I think most of the master courses are scams and were created just for making money.

- It wasn't a good investment as the master course charged you 20k but wasn't even deep or specialized enough to make you feel confident finding a proper job. For the same or less price, I would go to study in europe even though they are not English speaking countries.

- On the other hand, the not-very-advanced master courses might be a good choice for some motivated students who are from lower ranked uni to improve their CV or want to switch their career from a different field. read full review
I felt most disappointed about the academic support and teaching quality, especially some of the large classes I have taken. I felt like a cash cow as an international student, for the same of less price, I would like to go to study in somewhere else in Europe if I could choose again. The life in the Glasgow City was great though. read full review
It's been wonderful...but the one year masters makes the time too short to explore coupled with the loads of assignments and quizzes . But I love the serene environment . read full review

Philosophy PhD


Lido - November 2019

Interesting experience, especially compared to other universities abroad. It's eco-friendly, but lacks more connection to the general, non- academic community. For example, only students and staff are allowed into the library. That is very different from how it works in Canada, for example, where the public has access to academic libraries, so it feels oppressively controlled sometimes. read full review
My overall experience is wonderful and I don't want it to end. The teaching staff are wonderful, services are excellent, the facilities are state of the art. There's nothing much to complain about read full review
The experience at the school is very good, and you can also communicate with students from different countries while studying the course! And the teacher of the course is very good, providing us with a lot of help! read full review