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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Portsmouth

The massive online resources have been brilliant throughout covid and library staffare really supportive with acquiring materials that they don't already have. Academics have still been really accessible when off campus read full review
Enjoyble, I recommend it to any students considering Portsmouth as a uni. Good access to facilitaties and most things are in walking distance. Lectures are helpful read full review
Satisfactory, highly knowledgeable staff, okay lecture facilities, good access to resources. A nice and accessible city. Good social life. Support can be hood, but have to work for it read full review
It has been the most amazing experience for me in the uni. The Uni provides all the facilities to students in each and every aspect. It's Just like a dream Uni. All the latest technologies in every aspect. It's the best uni where i can grow my skills and achieve my career goals. i have never been in any sort of trouble in terms of transportation, amenities, medication, etc. Uni provides it all within the uni campus itself. It has been the most wonderful and delightful experience to study in the University Of Portsmouth. read full review
I have really enjoyed being challenged at a higher level and refining my skills. I enjoy thinking about how my course will help with my future development as it has really refined what I want to do as a career. The uni is absolutely amazing overall! read full review
Overall my experience at this University was traumatic as I have been bullied by my supervisor and DRDC in the past which put my mental health in risk. Fortunately, friends and some members of stuff have supported me to still fight and soon finish my degree. read full review
I thought as a EU student I will struggle to keep up with the workload, but my tutors and the services provided by the uni made sure that support is provided. They give us individual and collective attention as well, especially the course director. read full review
So far so good. I got my first degree back home. Now I am getting my degree abroad. I didn't get used to the way it is. It is a sort of different but satisfying. read full review
I love to be here, that's a amazing place for different activities, I am learning lots of new things here. University staffs are always happy to help student anytime. read full review
Mostly positive, however more work needed in terms of postgraduate management, provision of services.

The university needs to be more mindful of decisions and systems in place. read full review