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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Portsmouth

My personal Favourite thing about the school is the University’s good education system, great career prospects and other good attributes the university have. it has good and conducive learning environment, good student experience, interaction with Tutors and their level of responsiveness is top notch, bringing about the multi-cultural nature of the United Kingdom. University of Portsmouth is also amazing because of its reasonably tuition rates as well as given you a range of different mode of study. read full review
Online lectured are great and lecturers are always available. read full review
My course is great, the University is not so much...

The University of Portsmouth is an interesting one. It's a solid University with overall lovely staff, a good array of courses and decent support services. However, I've been studying and working alongside them for 5+ years and the way the institution makes decisions moves towards posturing than actual care. They add and remove facilities like there's no tomorrow with little care for the effect on individual staff and administrative members. I've seen it go from a recommended employer to one I know some would suggest to not work with. The bread and circuses though are certainly appetising and made my University experience wholly pleasant, until they shutdown the nursery and childcare facilities with little warning and no explanation besides profit. So, this 4 stars comes with a warning. I can't say for sure that it wouldn't be 3 or 2 in the coming years. But, despite all that, I will have fond memories of much of my time at the University of Portsmouth. I guess the read full review
Best Aspect :
As i am 1st year student, i haven't spend that much time here. But location, campus view, support from student union this subject are important in my view. Also University library, i love to spend time here. I think this is the best place in my university campus.

Worst aspect :
I think here is no worst related anything in my university life till now.
I just fall in love with my campus life. read full review
Portsmouth is a great place to study due to its outstanding online platforms, regular and timely feedback. My lecturers have been very supportive and all content has been very engaging, providing opportunities to engage in real-world situations. Careers advice is also great, with graduate and student opportunities shared on a regular basis. There are clear and strong links to industry! read full review

Science and Health MRes


Stella Angelika - February 2023

The University of Portsmouth is a fantastic place to study, especially for international students. They have an excellent student union, support groups, and frequent events concerning everything from managing your finances to making the most of what the city has to offer in your free time. The only thing that I would not rate as excellent are some of the student halls, which are overpriced and offer some very run-down facilities. My advice would be to rent in the private sector. read full review
It has a Great building and location. Staff members are very cooperative and helps nicely. read full review
Portsmouth is a great city to study in, it is all accessible by foot or public transport, and right by the sea. The university is large and covers so many subjects you can stay in your facility or met many very interesting people studying a range of subjects read full review
As a student at the University of Portsmouth, I have had an excellent university experience thus far. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields, including business, engineering, science, humanities, and social sciences, and I have been impressed by the quality of teaching and support available from academic staff.

One of the best aspects of studying at the University of Portsmouth is its modern facilities, which have made my learning experience more engaging and effective. I have access to excellent research facilities, allowing me to engage in groundbreaking research in my field, and the university is constantly investing in new technologies and resources to ensure that students have the best possible experience.

The location of the university is also a major plus. The campus is located in the heart of the city, making it easy for students to access local amenities and transport links. The city of Portsmouth itself is a vibrant and diverse place to live, with a rich cultural history and a wide range of entertainment options, including museums, galleries, music venues, and theaters.

Overall, I believe that the University of Portsmouth is an excellent institution for higher education, and I am proud to be a part of its student body. The university offers a range of academic programs, excellent research facilities, and a vibrant campus located in a lively and diverse city. With a few improvements, the university could become an even better place for students to learn and grow. read full review
Just an incredible place and state of the art university read full review