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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Dundee

Data Science MSc


Current Student - September 2018

This is a great money spinner for the university. Give people a desirable qualification, put in practically no effort teaching, marking or with students as they are all remote and only have two intensive teaching weeks a year. It took months and months for us to get marks back and when we do it's just the grade, nothing else. However, if you want to say you have an MSc in Data Science and gain a load of new Linkedin contacts then it's great. Just hope all future interviewers and employers are as gentle as this breezy skive. read full review


Kalina - December 2017

read full review
Very good. Great support system in a small compact university. read full review
Staff is really helpful, I'm gonna enjoy my time here read full review
Teachers are professional, helpful learning centre, resources are perfect. Classrooms are okay read full review


Aliyah - December 2017

Great experience, nice teachers read full review
every thing is good, the facilities , the tutors , dental hospital , the sport's union , the students' association , the location of the uni ( many bars ,restaurants ,stores and shops are near the halls . )
sottish people are lovely read full review