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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Dundee

It is great
I have a great experience here
And I really enjoy studying here
Our school provide lots of societies, let me learn lots of informations through them and the staffs are really helpful. read full review
Dundee has been an extremely welcoming environment as an international student. The courses and facilities here are like no other university in the UK. I could not be happier that I made the choice to attend Dundee. read full review
It is a great course - the diversity of people that I've met and their collective experience. The lecturers have lots of practical working experience as most of them are concurrently NHS epidemiologists and public health consultants and they are very willing to share and inspire us.

the uni is distinctly very student centric. i notice a lot of their programmes are tailored to the felt needs of the student population, with most of them not being local residents. there are events that promote appreciation of different cultures, convenience in terms of easy registration for National Insurance for work, library and academic skills support and also quite a vibrant entertainment culture i.e. music, arts, nightclub events read full review
Very impressed with the university generally. Friendly and safe atmosphere as well as diverse student body. Course is well taught with input from world-leading researchers in the field. read full review