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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at London South Bank University

1. Amazing location (Central London)
2. Moderate tuition fee compared to other institutions.
3. Least expensive student accommodation as per location.
4. Breakfast and lunch meal prices being slashed to cope with Cost-of-Living crisis.
5. State of the art Laboratories. (I'm making organic solar cells for my dissertation, and the labs have all the equipment needed for fabrication and characterization such as Spin coaters, Evaporators, Glove boxes, Solar Simulator, Spectrophotometer etc.)
6. Limited student capacity (between 20-50 per module) for engineering courses. This means teachers can provide more attention to the students and help clear their individual doubts.

Overall, the university feels really modern with the automatic systems, and high-performance PCs, including iMacs, located in library. University has disability access and support everywhere on campus, which is a good thing in general. Everyone at the university including professors, students, and staff have a kind and friendly nature.

1. One of my module leaders couldn't deliver his module very well.

There aren't other bad experiences that I have yet encountered as I have completed only my first semester at the university. I wish the university had an outdoor field to play sports like Tennis, football, cricket etc. (hence, the four stars for the 'Facility')
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the location is good with more than adequate transportation. I love going for lectures and most lectures are accommodating read full review
Teachers are very helpful. read full review
the facilities and buildings are top notch. don't mind the rankings. they mean nothing. read full review
this LSBU is a unique university for me, because so far i am getting support, help, impressive education and many more, some sentences can't define its admiration. read full review
Friendly and homy atmosphere created by, supervisors, academics, peers and LSBU staff. Many opportunities to develop interpersonal skills, summer schools etc., organized by London Doctoral Academy is worth mensioning. Prompt feedback receiving from supporting departments like library, IT, Student Centre, international office are added advantages. However some analytical equipments are old and when breakdown take more time to reinstate. Becasue many of them are old or obosalate unable to procure require replacement parts. Thus suggesting to replace old equipment with contemporary units with advance technology read full review