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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Glasgow

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Glasgow so far and have gained much both academically and non-academically.
I was previously at another institution for my undergraduate and Masters degrees and have enjoyed my time at Glasgow much more. My department (the Centre for Gender History) is welcoming, lacks negative hierarchies and encourages students to achieve their full potential. read full review
I am pretty happy here. It took some time to adjust, but you need that everywhere. The people here are friendly and supportive, the system aims to aid the student as best as possible. There are some hickups, but the staff seems to be very keen on evolving and adjusting the system where needed. read full review
Beautiful campus, welcoming environment, friendly and helpful people. So far I have the best university experience ever. The university rarely lets me down and makes me feel that my wellbeing is being cared for. They attach great importance to enhancing student experience and I am grateful for that and I never feel I am paying for being laboured and exploited like my previous institute did it to me. The learning is mostly independent but I gained a lot from the teaching as I am green to my subject area. I also learn from amazing students coming from different backgrounds and I am able to formulate network with glasgow uni students read full review

Psychology PhD


Merle - February 2018

Very nice environment, vibrant and inspiring. I also like how international this uni is with many different cultures and friendly staff and interesting courses on offer read full review
I am really happy, this is the best university I've ever been and all they offer is just great for the student's experience and learning. The professor are top researchers so it feels great to study in a place where you have those top people. I love the library and the amount of information you can get from it. I love the museums around the university. I love the extra activities organized by the university students. read full review
I have very strong tutors and excellent classmates. The feeling is collaborative. Students help each other. Motivation is high and our output is of high quality. read full review
Very good. This is my fourth semester and the courses have gradually inducted me into doctoral studies. There have been great support in the library and also in the computer department needed.
What Iis the best has been the support from faculty and being brought together as a cohort. read full review
My post-graduate experience far outshines my undergrad experience. Being a post-grad student at Glasgow uni is great! There are so many opportunities to get involved, the support is outstanding and the level of teaching is excellent. I couldn't recommend it enough! read full review

History PhD


Hannah Telling - February 2018

It has been fantastic. I went to another university for my undergraduate and Masters, and have noticed the difference between the two institutions. I have felt part of a real community here, and feel that my academic work has improved immensely as a result of studying at UofG read full review

Financial Economics MSc


Bartlomiej Bazant - February 2018

Great, this is certainly the best year of my life. I have met many people from different backgrounds, with whom I will try to keep in contact with in the future. In addition to this I believe that my masters degree significantly increased my career prospects as I was able to get into a Superday of Goldman Sachs, due to my qualification. read full review