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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Glasgow

Public Health PhD


Pgrstudent - February 2019

Not great. I regret studying here. Basic facilities - library, catering - are over stretched. The university does not seem to value students beyond the fee that we bring. read full review
I've had a very good experience so far. The course is interesting, fast-paced and covers a great deal of material. You won't get bored. The lecturers, tutors and my dissertation supervisor have all been fantastic. I would love if the course could add a practical element in terms of work in mental health or research opportunities over the summer (particularly after the course while dissertation is being written). read full review

Oral Sciences MSc


Mustafa - February 2019

For my experience at the University of Glasgow, I find it myself so blessed to be in this university as I enjoy almost everything about it. To start when I arrived at the university, I really was amazed of how beautiful the buildings and the nature at the Univerity avenue and area around. On the other hand, I liked the teaching system here and the approach that the university takes to make it possible for all students to have high quality learning. read full review
I really love University of Glasgow and proud to be one of the students in this uni and also love the city very much.
For prospects student, you won’t refer to choose to study at Glasgow read full review

Data Science MSc


Krittanat - February 2019

My experience in this university is by far better than those in my home country.

Better facilities and student support, more intellectually challenging, and more ways to enjoy life at different paces at different places, of different styles I like. read full review
So far choosing to attend the University of Glasgow has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The university and the city are interesting, beautiful places to call home. The subject has been more than anything, thought provoking, I approach the world differently after studying this degree. Extra classes and opportunities have been well worth the time and energy I have put into them and I have acquired a lot of skills in a short period of time. As a result of studying here I have a clearer idea of what I want to do with my life and how to tackle the problems that stand before me. But this said, the best thing about studying here has been the people I have met, they have supported me academically and personally and without doubt they have changed my life. read full review
I learn a lot about my major, and I spend very meaningful time in there.I love my uni life. Everything looks good.
For example, if you hope learn more about your study, there are various sources you can take advantage of. We have good libraries, various courses and kinds of students services.
If you hope meet some new people in there, it would be very easy. There are a huge number of workshops and activities everyday. What you need to do is just go outside. read full review
It is really nice except for the fact that I haven't received my grades yet. The professors provide a lot of materials that are related to courses and help us enrich knowledge. read full review
It is an amazing journy .
It gives me lots of platform to explore and learn what I'm interested in. Also it advances my knowledges and employability skills, which is a boon for my future. read full review
If i had the chance i would go to another university. The city life is good and i made fantastic friends in here, the weather is not so great but i do not like the professors at all. The are are some exceptions but i have also some really bad experience. read full review