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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of St Andrews

Not great. I haven’t felt listened to by my academic tutor, module leaders or the disability services.
If you are considering apply to St Andrews and have a condition which significantly effects your ability to study, I would strongly suggest looking at other universities.
The support i have received during my time at St Andrews has been abysmal, and while I hope that mine is a one off case, a number of my course mates have expressed similar experiences. read full review
As far as facilities go st Andrews is pretty good, however, my experience academically speaking is the worst I have ever seen. some lecturers have no clear standards as to what coursework should be or contain and give random advice to students. No clear instruction or mark schemes were ever provided and feedback was pretty vague. Some scheduling errors between modules appeared due to miscommunication between coordinators and instead of giving students a chance to attend the modules chosen, they basically forced us to forfeit our choice and take whatever is left no matter how meaningful or useful it will be in the career path we decided to follow. How is it that they can't communicate with each other properly and students are left to pay the price. read full review
Lots of deadlines but, very fun and interesting read full review