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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Nottingham Trent University

Loved every day. Graduated recently and moved back to Germany but still miss the city and the student life. The support i received the staff and tutors was unconditional, and every time when i needed help there was someone to guide me and give me a hand. read full review
Very good, everyones friendly and make you feel comfortable and the work is interesting too. It can be very daunting going to a university where you don't know anyone but i found that I settled in very easily even though i didnt live in student accommodation. read full review
I have loved every second of being a student, even though the level of study increases in difficulty massively, its all worth it for the people you meet and the experiences you gain. Its not something to pass up on, I'd do it all over again if I could! read full review
Worth it but it can be very stressful! I've met a lot of great people through uni and would always recommend living in halls. Ii have gained experiences through university I never would have otherwise. read full review
Its been good, but its employability services can use a huge improvement.
Student Services like clubs and societies are great and have a wide variety. The Library is also quite good. read full review
I have loved every moment. It has been fulfilling, enriching and relaxing. It has allowed me to refocus and reestablish what I want to do with my career. It has allowed me to make new friends and network. It has given me an insight into developments in my field. read full review

Psychology MSc


Kate Griffin - June 2018

I have loved my experience at Trent - the lecturers and staff have been great and I have felt well supported. I'm sad that I'm in my final months at the university and wish I had done my undergrad here! read full review
Love it, bit short. I wish I had more free time to actually try get involved in other activities eg employability or volunteer work. The course is not for the faint hearted read full review
Wonderful. I learned so much from the course. I made a lot of friends too. Too bad that it is about to end. Wish the course could be longer and offer replacement for us as teaching practice was a bit short. read full review

Business PhD


Xihui Chen - June 2018

it has been very good so far, and i can see the university is getting better and better in the last 4 years.
I have been some great friends from different countries, e.g., china, india, italy, brazil etc.
i have worked as part time student ambassador to pay for my rent
local is great, close to the city read full review