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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham trent university is located in the heart of Nottingham city and Nottingham, being a student friendly city, most of streets are always crowded by students itself and that makes it exciting place to study and make friends. NTU offers tons of resources required for studying and other co curricular activities including sports and culture. NTU offers a global exposure just being right in Nottingham city. Students from all over the world choose NTU because of its quality education, quality lifestyle, environment and much more. I could not find any worst aspect so far but, being a international student I am quite satisfied with my experience so far. Thank you! read full review
According to me Nottingham Trent University NTU has helped me developing some new skills which I had no idea of using. Skills like pressure handling and being independent are some of them. As I've opted for research course I'm getting to learn some new techniques and facilities about the subject which I had never used before. Apart from my studies NTU also looks after social gathering in their global tongue where a lot of people from different cultures come together to share about their country of origin. The sports facilities and the student support is great. The issuse is solved within no time if you have got any. Being an international student coming to a different country and managing all things is hard but the universities provide us with various facilities of session like financial management and on campus part-time jobs.
I've learned lot more things from NTU not just academics but also in general life lessons. The professor are super friendly and are easily available to meet when there is problem. The laboratories are well equipped with latest technologies.
Overall it is my best experience of university life read full review
It is at the heart of Nottingham city making it really accessible. Nottingham is a great city for student life as it is lively and not as expensive. The transport network is also very efficient and affordable in Nottingham and the university has a bus that runs in between Clifton and city campus and runs every ten minutes which is one of the main reasons I didn't mind commuting from city to Clifton for my classes. The price point for the masters degree also attracted me to the University as it is very affordable.
The lecturers are also really helpful and they go an extra mile to ensure one has the resources that would work best for various subjects. The libraries are open to students everyday with a lot of sitting space, both for group work and individual studies. Clifton campus, also has a large pavilion that has two floors with booths and tables for both study, meals and socializing as well. International students are also well taken care of by the international student support team and a global lounge team where we can meet different people from diverse backgrounds. The sports facilities are also good and open to everyone whether you play a sport or not and you can join in whenever you would like.
The one thing I really enjoy about the university is the employability hub where they help you make work applications. They go through our cover letters and compare them to the job advert to ensure you have matched the two correctly. The employability website also helps with building our CVs, and preparing for assessment days and interviews.
The students union always have events going on for the students and run the school shop at discounted prices relieving financial stress of students.
The only thing I would make more accessible to the students at the university are hot water points and microwaves especially in winter. All in all the university is a good place to be
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great overall environment, great support and facilities
student city - feel safe even late at night
sustainability and modernity core values
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some of the best aspects of university include:

Access to diverse and cutting-edge educational resources and facilities.
Opportunities to explore new interests and passions.
The ability to network with a wide range of peers, professors, and professionals.
Development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Building a strong foundation for future career success.

Some of the worst aspects of university can include:

High tuition costs and student loan debt.
Stressful workload and academic pressure.
Difficulty finding a good balance between academics, social life, and personal responsibilities.
Limited availability of affordable housing.
Challenges in transitioning to independence and adult life. read full review
The environment that the university has and the exposure provided to the students is just amazing. The guest lectures, socially events, different clubs and student societies etc help in enhancing the all over academic experience as it helps in enhancing one’s social skills as well as professional skills set.
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Before coming to the UK I have been through the success rate of a lot of Universities. Nottingham Trent University remains exceptional starting from as far as visa application is concerned because of its resounding track record of compliance. The fact that it has also won awards and is also resiliently swimming in a splurge of awards is a great commendation for this great citadel.

Nottingham Trent University was awarded University of the year 2019 in the Guardian University Award, Times and Sunday Times Modern University of the Year 2023 including many others.
Nottingham Trent University is a perfect description of invaluable. The school is more unless a world on its own. Complementary to the fact that it has very high standard for learning, equipped with the essential facilities and abundance of lecturers with deep understanding of each aspects of the modules, NTU is exceptional when it comes to students welfare. The school takes the well-being of all students as a priority. The school provides opportunities to meet people who are specialist as regarding advices with funds management, life in the UK, blending with the society and many more.
The school also provides students with seminars on employability after successful completion of their programme and methods to writing attractive Curriculum Vitae which could help get employment in different industries.
The school also provides seminars on placement opportunities and have people who are always ready to help with that as well. The school has a consistent track record of its students bagging placements at big companies including Shell, amazon and many others.
Coming to lecture delivery, NTU is made up of lectures who are multi skilled. The lectures are easily approachable and are always ready to make a repetitive explanation of whatever isn't clear to their students. The lectures also provide notes which are as simplified as possible for students' understanding and options of booking personal tutoring outside the lecture classes.
The fact that the school provides varieties of lectures to handle different parts of a single module based on how deep they understand that part of the module is a confirmation that it wants the best academic delivery for its students.
The curriculum for each programme is also designed to meet standards of regulating bodies. For example, MSc Biomedical Science at NTU is an IBMS accredited course. This shows the institution's affinity for limit breaking standards.
The school has also invested greatly in its facilities. The school has laboratories equipped with equipments necessary for the students' understanding of what they have learnt in their theory classes and also subsequent research projects.
Social life at NTU is not behind at all. There are series of social activities outside the academic world. There are opportunities to participate in sports and games, school outings , musicals, art and student associations.
NTU has sophisticated libraries that provide rooms for different purposes including group learning and extensive studying. The school’s library also provide opportunities to book appointments with those in charge of the the libraries when in need of assistance related to navigating through the library to get the best materials for academic needs. The school libraries provide ebooks and access to valuable journals and PDFs online through the institution.
However, Considering the fact that students at the masters level are of different backgrounds when speaking of what each person studied during their respective undergraduate programme, a lot of students find it hard to blend into some modules while some others are masters at those points. The resultant effect are students trying to meet up with the courses while the others are extremely good at it. It’s thus important to find a form of balance and scale up which could help the students backwards in specific areas to achieve a uniform class.
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MSc Biotechnology


Student Reviewer - January 2023

I have recently joined the university. The lecturers were so welcoming. They have updated knowledge about their field. while applying for the university, I came to know about global lounge and since then I was too excited to get involved in the events. If you cant find me in the classroom, You will in global lounge. These were the best aspects of uni. I have nothing to talk regarding the worst aspects of this uni. Im just loving my postgraduate journey. read full review
NTU has some amazing facilities right in the city centre - everything is so easy to access. I love being on campus in the city center. I would love to lower the affordability of student prices, including in the ntu shop, art shop and cafes. Student discount is everything! read full review
The support is great and fabulous location read full review