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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Nottingham Trent University

8/10. I have known many people and developed my skills, learned something new every day. I increased my employability prospects after graduation and I received academic support as well. The workload is not too much. read full review

Marketing MSc


Priyanka - February 2019

It was an excellent experience. Getting to learn lots of things. Learning new ways of various system.There are so many things to do here. We have an excellent library place . read full review
great the city is nice, the uni is friendly and the facilities are very well equipped. recommend the city as a place to study you won't regret coming to nottingham read full review
I am very happy and satsfied having studied here. Best 3 years of my life to be honest. Ntu made everything so cool. I would highly recommend it to all my friends. read full review
It was a great start but towards the end, i didnt have a great experience. The university gave us less support towards the end of the course in contrast to the days when i was a new student. read full review
Nottingham is very inspirational city that you can find many inspirations around as a design students starting from the street buildings where you feel you are walking in an open museum full of detailed ornaments statues telling stories about history and various cultures who lived by. I wish I could demolish the misconceptions that people might have as an obstacle from coming to NTU and studying. Hope I can empower women who feel less fortunate about continuing their higher education and encourage them to be brave and get out of their comfort zone and pursue the career they are passionate about, ignore the illusions of unemployment, resist the stereotypes of the society be a constant dreamer every day. I would love to have impact on one’s decision for taking their life time opportunities. Before coming to NTU it was hard for me I want to reflect how this independency affected my design thinking in a matured way, how it widened my perspective for the design thinking process and topics that I might not thought about tackling before. read full review
I've been here for 4 months now and it has been nothing but great in terms of my university experience. I've never seen a place so diverse and filled with positivity.
Nottingham Trent university has a positive aura which helps you to be/feel motivated all the time. The university in the morning is filled with student hustle and at night, the same students are dancing and having a great time. All students from the UK or outside the UK, can never feel alone here. In terms of the environment in classrooms, the tutors have always made sure the classes are interactive, and practical. read full review
i see it as a friendly community, a big family members might can say. all my dreams are here. as an international student i will encourage others wanna choose the university for continue their study i will definitely to come here read full review
I'm more than happy to study in Nottingham Trent University. It's not only about the support of the uni, but also the environment of the city and the Birtish culture.

The uni provides us the best environment to learn, not only knowledge of the modules, but also personal development. I truly believe the uni would like to educate us not only a skilful leader of the commercial world, but also a global citizen who is able to contribute the community. read full review
It’s a remarkable experience. I have a comfortable learning environment with my classmates since we shared the same goals, interests and experiences. Moreover, the administrators of my department is very helpful. read full review