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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at BPP University

LLM Legal Practice (Solicitors)


Student Reviewer - November 2020

Overall experience is Rubbish
To anyone reading this review I was hoping it would give you some insight into how my experience. I would say my experience at many times has been far worse than the 1 star given. I would encourage students, to look at other training providers instead. For students booking themselves onto their courses, look out for their terms and conditions if you do book courses with them as they can be quite unfavourable. read full review

MSc Healthcare Leadership


Adebisi - October 2020

It’s definitely a nightmare honestly
Yes, I suffered emotionally, mentally and physically. It is definitely not a University to attend any how. Look up all your options and choose wisely. It will prevent you from all the stress and suffering that I went through and the course is not free. As a home student I was given the opportunity to finish the whole course or come out halfway. Believe me, I decided to come out halfway and they still want the full fee of the courses and terms that I did not do. Not the best experience.I will never go back to BPP University to study ever again. read full review
Please think twice before you enroll in BPP University. By far, it is the worst university I have ever seen in UK. They have the worst management team that do not handle student progression/ issues/ academic matters well. The staff are rude and irresponsible. They do not care about student social welfare and academic matter. You can tell the staff turnover rate is relatively high. Student are often mistreated by the management team.

The facility such as Computers, Book are not sufficient enough to provide for the student. They have only a few computer scatters across the campus in London. If you have studied in UK for long, you will know what i mean 'not only by numbers'.

They have only a limited or rather a few good ACCA accountancy tutor in the university. They claimed themself to be the Platinum Provider for ACCA course with high passing rate for these exam. In reality, only a few student pass with flying colours. The rest would be need to retake the whole module (reattending the classes ) , repay for school fees and resit the papers (at your own cost). Which i personally believe thats how they make money and keep student.

I would personally recommend for distance learning, there is no necessary to attend the university . The atmosphere in BPP University is nothing comparable to any other University that are listed in Guardian Ranking or The complete university ranking table. read full review

LLM Legal Practice (Solicitors)


Student Reviewer - August 2018

Dreadful, if i had know that BPP would not follow their own procedures regarding the LLM solicitors program i would of gone to a different university. I should of been awarded the post graduate diploma in legal practice, not a transcript showing i have a "complete" which will not be taken seriously by employers. read full review