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BPP University

By ,Written on Oct 30 , 2020

MSc Healthcare Leadership

Overall Rating

It’s definitely a nightmare honestly
Yes, I suffered emotionally, mentally and physically. It is definitely not a University to attend any how. Look up all your options and choose wisely. It will prevent you from all the stress and suffering that I went through and the course is not free. As a home student I was given the opportunity to finish the whole course or come out halfway. Believe me, I decided to come out halfway and they still want the full fee of the courses and terms that I did not do. Not the best experience.I will never go back to BPP University to study ever again.

Uni Facilities

Not enough of staff
And no one to help when you are in trouble

Course and Lecturers

The teaching team were great every else was like talking to a brick wall. There’s no support and no one is ever there for you

City Life

It was definitely tough, who do you go to when you need help. There’s no one there!!!!! I regretted going to that university

Job Prospects

I had my own job before joining the course
But still they failed me

Student Support

Personal support was the hardest
There was nothing

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