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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Keele University

Marketing MSc


Mmesoma - November 2022

As an international student, Keele University has provided me with an opportunity to experience new method of learning, which is very easy. The school environment is calm and conducive for learning process and, the lectures are always willing to assist you. Learning, of course, is challenging, but Keele University has made it easier. read full review
The online offering is functional but can be a a bit confusing at first with all the different systems to log into. Once up and running it’s easier to get into the swing of it. read full review
The level of student support is great - from financial guidance, health and disability, and postgrad student activity. Though I am a distance learner I have been kept abreast of everything that is going on. There are limits as to what I can access but it all looks great! The only thing I would like to see improved is the use of technology even in a post-Covid world, enabling distance learners to access sessions remotely, as currently can only view the recordings at a later date. read full review

PhD / MPhil English


Rebecca - November 2022

Not a very smooth enrollment process, the administration takes a long time to sort out some things. read full review
The location of the university is the best. I really love the serene and peaceful ambience surrounding the university. Also, it is ideally located out of the city and the bustling traffic so commuting to and from the uni is not a hassle.

However, the university needs to revisit the course contents to thoroughly re-establish the hours required to achieve the desired outcome for each module.

Afterwhich, timetabling or course scheduling should be planned well in advance to factor in student and tutors work-life balance, classroom and lab usage etc. to bring about a balance in student life.

But in essence, life at Keele Uni is the most memorable thus far. read full review
Excellent faculty support for students. Most faculty are very approachable and give meaningful feedback to improve. read full review

PhD / MPhil Nursing


Eleanor - November 2022

Love the campus, support from the university is lacking read full review

Banking and Finance MSc


Elzebah - November 2022

The best aspect so far easy Access to Library, lecturers are on time and are easily contacted if you need any help, students support is also a concern especially those from international students, read full review
Keele university is a great school. The campus is large and really beautiful. They have a wide range of interesting courses and supportive staff. There are lots of students from various parts of the world so I get to meet different people everyday.
Despite being a good school, the location of the school isn’t so good to me because the city can be really boring and there are not many events for postgraduate student but I believe they’re working on this already. read full review
I love the fact that the university campus is right next to a beautiful hall, with beautiful scenery and woodland walks. However, the location is not the best since you need to get the bus to go to the nearest cities and for someone who lives in a big city, it's not the best. Especially since Keele campus does not have enough shops.
Student lofe from the perspective of someone who doesn't drink and party can be quite boring, especially if you can't afford to join societies. read full review