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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Keele University

Medicine (DM)


Katie - May 2021

Compared to friends of mine at other vet schools, despite Covid we as a school have been way more practical and involved which has really helped when all the lectures are still online. Socially as with everywhere we’ve had very little as we live in a flat of vets who are our study bubble but so far all the staff seem lovely and helpful especially the clinical tutors. And they have been quite receptive of our feedback and taken on board a lot of what we have said, more than older more established uni I reckon. read full review
The accommodation has been very negative, I didn't have heating or hot water for over a week in January and we were kept in the dark about what was being done to fix it. When it was fixed we weren't offered any compensation. I suffer with chilblains which were mad worse by the poor accommodation. The course is very chaotic which is unsettling and it feels as though there is no communication between the course, the uni and accommodation read full review

Geoscience Research MSc


Student Reviewer - October 2018

pretty good, a few teething problems to start with but it slowly got sorted read full review