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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Keele University

Very interesting course.
Very useful for anyone looking to improve their education skills! read full review
The experience so far is amazing. Faculty and people in various departments are helpful and cooperative. It's easy accessible with the best library one can have an access to. I consider myself lucky to be a part of Keele University. read full review
Amazing environment read full review
So far, I am really enjoying the whole university experience. I think what makes Keele great apart from the academic side, is the Athletic Union. The AU is made up of many sports clubs, meaning that there is something everyone can take part in. I, myself, am part of Badminton and Karate, and I spend most of my time in the sports centre ( when I'm not in lectures). Keele offers many challenges and events within the AU, including advanced exercise classes and charity tournaments. It's definitely my favourite part of the university, because it allows me to stay healthy and take part in healthy-competition. I have recently joined the Badminton Women's 1sts Team, which means I spend a total of 6 days at Keele, playing Badminton, due to the extra training. Academically, Keele offers a lot of support, as there are opportunities to become a student rep, and a lead student rep. I am involved in this, which means I attend regular subject-related meetings, as well as school education committee meetings, to make my degree as enjoyable as possible, my discussing any problems, as well as what is liked, with students studying the same degree as me.

In terms of improvements for Keele, I think there should be more representation for minority groups within certain degrees. For example, I'm studying Computer Science, and there are less than 10 girls also studying this degree. The vast majority are boys, which means the girls should be valued and encouraged to take on challenges within computing. I think it would be a good idea to often have guest speakers from different industries, such as those specialising in programming, as well as teaching. This may encourage more girls to do this degree and encourage the girls already doing it, to rise up to challenges, in the same way as boys. A non-academic improvement Think would be good, would be to make an extension/re-build the sports centre. As I said, I spend a lot of time there and it's great, but it could be so much bigger, to reflect on the achievements of the AU. There is a huge space behind the sports centre, where nothing is done, so it would be ideal to be used to create an extension. Or, I think the sports centre has the capability of being re-built, next to the new additions of the Keele campus, the business and vet schools. By doing this, the sports centre would be one of the first buildings visitors/students see and it would look more modern and up-to-date. There are many possible places for this addition next to the new buildings that would really enhance the look of the AU and Keele campus as a whole. read full review

PhD / MPhil English


Kelly - February 2022

Friendly place, nice food choices, excellent library facilities.
More contact from tutor/ supervisor. read full review
I am actually doing an online course but I am kept up to date with what is happening on the campus via lots of emails, detailing events and the tutors are very good at keeping in touch and responding to any issues that I have (and the images show an attractive campus) Keele's location is very convenient - with good connections north and south. read full review
The Keele campus is really lovely. Their science laboratory facilities which I used whilst I was studying my undergrad were really great. Keele has also had a couple of new shops/cafes this year which add to the variety of food and drink options available which I think is great. I also think the library is one of the best parts of Keele and it's generous opening hours have allowed me to study at all hours which I have definitely benefitted from.
Parking contiues to be an absolute nightmare. As a commuter student (30 mins. drive) I relied on my permit, which I paid £100 each year for. However, Keele gave out way too many permits meaning there were never enough spaces that weren't a 15-20 minute walk away from my lecture halls and looking for a space would literally take forever and felt like such a waste of time and petrol money, as well as creating so much added stress that I could really have done without.
Sports facilities are also underwhelming. I have been part of the tennis team for a number of years. However there are no indoor courts at Keele or within the local area so training and match opportunities have been quite limited especially during spells of unpredictable weather during the autumn/winter months. read full review

Medicine (DM)


Katie - May 2021

Compared to friends of mine at other vet schools, despite Covid we as a school have been way more practical and involved which has really helped when all the lectures are still online. Socially as with everywhere we’ve had very little as we live in a flat of vets who are our study bubble but so far all the staff seem lovely and helpful especially the clinical tutors. And they have been quite receptive of our feedback and taken on board a lot of what we have said, more than older more established uni I reckon. read full review