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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Keele University

I am an international student in keele university. The campus is one of the best I had seen and I enjoy studying here. There are a lot of clubs and societies for students who are interested in exploring different areas. I met many students of other nationalities and learned about other places and cultures.
They only issue I had was the studies was a bit difficult to adjust to compared with home country as I was new to it. But the team here helped me get adjust to it at a faster pace.
But I am very happy to study here and be known as a Keele student. read full review
The grounds are nice and the class sizes are relatively small. The location is terrible. read full review
It’s friendly and brilliant supervisors read full review
Best - certain members of staff
Worst - can be a very cliquey and toxic environment read full review
Keele University is a very beautiful place . The atmosphere is so student friendly and has got lots of facilities for everyone, interesting activities and constant updates about the activities in the university. The campus is alluring and the best experience. read full review
Located in a great environment and filled with facilities.
read full review

Marketing MSc


Karman - March 2022

Worst aspects are there’s not much to do.
Best aspects are the people read full review
Beautiful campus. Good facilities. read full review
I am online so most of these are not relevant read full review