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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Keele University

Pharmacy (DPharm)


Talbashah - April 2022

A good local university. read full review
Keele university has a beautiful campus in a nice quiet location. This is perfect for me however some students will need to travel in order to get food and other supplies with only a few shops on campus. The facilities I use are brilliant as the PCs are fast and responsive which is needed on my course. Even though I have had little experience with student support, I hear it is perfect from my fellow classmates. The only downside to Keele university is the past few years have had very little student life due to covid-19. Therefore I am not able to say how good the students union or student life is at Keele. The university should add more shops onto campus and they should also improve the students union. Keele is a great university for peaceful studying with great lectures and facilities. read full review
Keele university has a perfect learning environment, and student based teaching approach, with the best timetabling structure in my opinion. And the student service and support is fantastic. I have never had any regrets whatsoever.
However, international student like myself and some I have spoken to, have a hard time during the first semester and little into the second semester, of their first year.
1. The Language barrier, especially lecture delivery and accents.
2. Academic values like plagiarism, and marking criteria.
3. Appointments with student support. Some appointments could take some weeks to come through; as much as I appreciate the staff engagements with student and busy schedule.
Student satisfaction in these few areas is still not good.
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