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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Warwick

Although it is all due to Covid I did struggle to enjoy my time this year. The lecturers were quite drab in my opinion and the night life was appalling but am excited to see how things change next year. read full review
Good experience on clinical placement. Limited contact time outside of clinical hours, online lectures/seminars don’t feel as though the learning is as fulfilling. read full review
Amazing facilities and inspiring lecturers. The induction process was both professional and informative. Everything is top class and couldn’t be happier. An easy recommendation. read full review

Medicine (MD)


Student Reviewer - April 2021

More challenging due to the limitations imposed by COVID-19. Including online learning and reduced clinical exposure. University have adapted wel but has had significant impact on learning. read full review
The overall experience is really good. It could have been better if pandemic and online classes were not there but it’s still amazing. We feel at home with Warwick and the experience of being a part of such big community is great. The university is prestigious and allow us to have great career opportunities. All around I’m happy here. read full review
Would not go. Staff are abusive towards trainees, and facilitate abuse (including racism and sexism) by their partner schools.
Uses threats to force trainees to not complain, and classes any grievances as due to a “lack of professionalism” on the part of the trainee.
Used invented allegations against trainees submitted without any evidence whatsoever in order to marginalise disfavoured students, and on multiple occasions outright refused to provide details and evidence with their accusations.
Complaints procedure focuses only on covering the staff and not resolving problems. read full review
Warwick university is a big avoid!!! They like to charge the fees for facilities that are not there. The library is very dated. Tutors do not seem to care especially at postgrad level. The admin team and not bothered by class sizes being overflowed for seminars. read full review