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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at The University of Law

As a one-year postgraduate student at the university, there are plenty of things that could be improved.

The actual teaching is fairly good - it's obvious that a lot of reading, revision and work will be expected, but generally speaking, lecturers are engaging, friendly and the workshops are more like group challenges, rather than the bog-standard lectures most universities offer.
I would perhaps like to see more of a pre-workshop lecture take place, as sometimes the prep work can be incredibly overwhelming, and it really makes a difference when a lecturer takes 45 minutes or so, just to go over the weeks tasks and outcomes for the unit.

The administration on the other hand, are absolutely shocking. I requested to change course pathway, and by the time they got round to emailing me back about it, it had fallen over the liability fee date. I ended up paying £200 more, for a course that I was moving to in order to save money in the first place. Emails go unnoticed for weeks at a time, constantly chasing up where my course change is up to. I'm weeks away from exams, and still no confirmation to suggest that my transfer has been successful. This is despite having completely paid off the course fees + the extra that they wanted, but failed to explain clearly to me what they were for.

The exam admin system is pretty poor, too. We were weeks late in receiving our mock exam results back, for no good reason (our lecturers ended up having to take time out of the lesson to individually provide us with the grade and feedback, so we weren't waiting even longer).

At the start of the course last year, we were told we'd be given the chance to work on some volunteering projects in several different legal areas, such as the phone advice clinic and school consent projects. We signed up for this, and heard absolutely nothing about it since.

If you want to do the SQE pathway with the MA, they advise that they can offer 4 weeks QWE towards qualifying. What they don't tell you is it's unpaid, and full time. Great if you're a student with family to support you, but for those like myself who work alongside studying, it really pushes the narrative that only certain students take precedent for opportunities like those. The email I got when I asked why this was, was because ''it's unpaid, because you don't need to pay to do it''.... you don't need to pay to start any job, though? What sort of reason is that?

The facilities are decent. My campus in particularly is relatively small, but being in the city centre, it's really convenient and the internal library is open until late and on weekends, which is a huge help. I don't really know much about the SU, other than the occasional email I receive about it. It doesn't seem as much of a big deal at the university compared to larger, one-campus uni's.

Overall, I just feel the university is lacking in admin support in order to make things more sufficient for students. The fact I personally, and everyone else in my class, are paying at least £12,000 to study there is not really acceptable when we're left waiting for responses to enquires, exam results, as well as our actual exam coursework instructions being released late.

Probably wouldn't recommend, unless perhaps you were part-time and didn't need to spend so much time there each week. read full review
I would strongly advise prospective students to choose a "public university", not a private one. The Uni of Law does not care about its students whatsoever. I have experienced a lot of stress trying to deal with the incompetence and lack of support from the so called "university". They currently charge £150.00 PER resit on top of tuition fees. They did temporarily remove these resit fees during lockdown, but have now reinstated them. They are a for-profit business. There primary focus is to get as many students as possible, to make as much money as possible. You receive conflicting information from different people within the same department and they even go so far to say you have failed an exam, when in fact you have confirmation that you did not. What is worse is that they will keep telling you that you need to resit when you do not. They do not care. They also say that if you complain about the university you will get kicked off the course. read full review
The university provides a lot of support to students read full review
Best aspects - none, just get the qualification you need to progress.
How could it be improved - in every way.
The student support is awful, the disability services provided very little help when I found myself in the position that I couldn't attend face to face workshops due to my condition. I was informed I could not use the online streaming service despite it running until the end of the course and was left in a position when I was incredibly unwell, distressed and in severe pain trying to attend in person workshops. Often I was unable to do so.
The university made countless administrative errors ranging from not correctly organising my virtual interviewing exam (to the point where I almost was registered as non-attending) to timetabling two of my exams on the same day. The list, unfortunately, goes on. I have heard that other places are somehow meant to be worse but I honestly do not understand how that would be possible.
The teaching is moderately ok but most of the work is done independently and there are no lectures. Why exactly the price is so high for providing less contact hours than most universities, I am not sure.
This situation goes to show the terrible service a University can provide when they have a monopoly on the provision of a qualification such as the ULAW with the LPC. read full review
The best thing is that it’s so close to my house and within the city centre. It could be improved by having more facilities such as a canteen etc read full review

Legal Practice Course LPC


Student Reviewer - April 2022

I would give it 0 stars if I could. It’s just so evil. No care for students, just for the money that lines their pockets. No sympathy either. I recommend anyone to try elsewhere and not have the pain of the neglect and gaslighting this uni will do to you. read full review
The Environment and the access to every facility is too Good. read full review
Needs a lot of improvement read full review
I am an online student as a result of the Pandemic. This was a real struggle as I learn better in an interactive session with my colleagues and tutors. I longed to do the LPC with Uni of Law but the initial arrangement to make 3 visits to the UK at the cost of 2000.00 for each trip was definitely not an option I could envisage.
I took advantage of the opportunity to do the LPC online with online proctored exams. The time difference of 4 or 5 hours meant that I had to get up very early some days to commence classes at times at 430am. Working full time and being a mother of 2 teenagers posed challenges of a unique nature.

It was difficult to discuss or link up with classmates as our schedules were quite different and interaction at a minimum. We tried whatsapp but this became inactive. There were 2 other students I was able to link up with to study and our interaction was on Zoom mainly.

We nonetheless encouraged each other, worked through some difficulties and wrote our exams. We chose different electives so our contact is at a minimal level now in the final few months. We all experienced technical difficulties during our online exams.

We had power outages, missed exams and extreme frustration. We all struggled with scrolling up and down screens to view exam papers and attachments. We also realized that our typing skills needed to be better and learning new exam techniques was quite a challenge.

We reminded each other of various deadlines and important emails. We all had to submit concessions for various technical issues. Scanning our rooms were inadequate at times and we had to respond to Respondus emails.

Having 15 various subject areas and skills was quite the challenge. I have never visited the UK but strive to keep up with the culture and expectations.

Our monetary conversion rate is TTD 10. to 1 pound. This was the biggest struggle. Opting for payment options were great and all avenues to secure funds for school fees exhausted existing resources. This is my dream and I am determined to make it come true and choose a new career path.

I have to work harder as I am a mature student and have to juggle a career and studies to make it all happen. I am grateful for all the support for tutorials and the various sessions we have.

I am determined to do my best and persevere. I am on the cusp of attaining my goals. I am going to continue to seize this opportunity to make a new career path to fulfil my purpose.

Special thanks and I am proud to be a student of this institution. Best of success to all my colleagues. Do all you can, put your best effort and make your dreams come true.

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