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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at The University of Law

International Business Law LLM


Allah Rakha Jatt - October 2020

Please refer to the first box. All the details lie therein. I still can't understand how this school is accredited and it is not considered a scam. What a waste of money. read full review
Absolutely appalling. I have had to complain on a number of occasions, on one occasion they shared a spreadsheet containing student numbers and the fact students had failed to the whole of the university which was incredibly embarrassing and a breach of information sharing policies.

The course is completely a waste of money. read full review
I had and continue to have a mostly postive experience at this university just because of the supportive and law focused environment. The LPC is really enjoyable even though it is quite full on. They thow summer and winter balls, participate in legal runs to raise money for charity, have clubs and societies that sometimes have options to compete in competitions etc. read full review
Overall I would definitely recommended to study at the University of Law. I have found that the university is very career focused and the tutors genuinely want you to do well. read full review
The course is super interesting and I appreciate the open book exams. It is testing us more on our ability to use our legal skills rather than to retain large amounts of information.

I would ask however that more consideration be given to the part-time weekend students as they are the ones who have to move work around and take annual leave for exams etc. It is not fair. read full review
Good. I enjoy the uni but the course is cumbersome and feels more like a procedural requirement than an intellectual challenging. I have made good friends here though and I appreciate the structure it brings. The teaching staff are great. read full review
University has been quiet stressful especially working full time and having to attend university in the evenings after work. Tutors sometimes do not understand or sympathise with this. However, overall it has been a great place to learn new topics and make new friends and connections! This is particularly important when embarking in a law career read full review

Legal Practice Course LPC


Student Reviewer - February 2020

Pretty awful, incredibly expensive and does not provide the teaching, support or facilities for the price tag. They have been disorganised and even sent me change of time and location emails on the day of one of my exams. read full review
Overall, I have enjoyed my experience. It is demanding and difficult but also extremely rewarding. The tutors are helpful and I have certainly learned a lot, it would be beneficial to have some (even one!) revision session prior to exams though. read full review
Pretty good other than the admin dept . Course is structured and interesting .elite is difficult to use and students find they waste time looking for articles etc read full review