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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at The University of Law

I pay too much for a course where some course materials are badly prepared, some teachers are inadequate and the facilities are poor

The teaching is mostly good, but the few are bad are SO bad that it brings the entire average down heavily

The administration is not very good either read full review
I attended their Open Day before deciding to enrol and I must say it was quite informative. I was attracted by their Employment Promise that guarantees 50% cash back if I could not find a job which is a significant consideration for a foreign student who requires a work visa. My experience there is not too bad, though I wish the university was a little bigger and the food at the Café was cheaper. There aren't many international students so sometimes mixing around can be quite challenging. read full review
Overall, the IT could be better at the Uni. The common room/library is a bit small and pokey now. The cafe is a good social area, though it is a bit expensive. I have learnt a lot at this uni and i feel well supported by my tutors. The counselling offered adds to the overall support network. I would recommend this university to my peers, but i wouldn't say it's been the best experience in my life. read full review
I have been very pleased with the university experience. It has exceeded my expectations in terms of support and style of teaching. The workshops are always useful and every day I come away with new knowledge. read full review
Although Guildford is a quiet campus and the facilities aren't great compared to other unis (I studied at Exeter previously which had a lot more of a 'buzz') but very good tutors. read full review
A fantastic experience from start to where I am now. Prior to beginning the support leading up to acceptance and my first workshop was brilliant. I felt all my queries were answered in a timely fashion. read full review
Pretty good! I don't spend much time at uni, but the experience I have had up to date has been really positive. Tutors are all professionals and so you feel like you get extra value from their teaching - they teach from experience. The campus is very pretty, and it is nice to be so close to the town centre. A really nice place to do the LPC. read full review
I have really enjoyed my experience so far. I love the University, I am so interested in everything I am learning. It really feels like I am taking a positive step. read full review
Overall I am thoroughly enjoying the course and the university caters for my needs. Having gone back to university after 9 years of graduating it was quite daunting at first but the tutors have been absolutely fantastic so far and motivate me to get a good grade for my LPC (Combined with masters). read full review
with a really full on course like the LPC, the tutors and the materials provided really enable us to access all the necessary information. The tutors are happy to answer any queriers during the week, out of timetabled hours too. read full review