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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at The University of Law

It has been a supportive and good experience and less stresss free than undergraduate making the course/topic more interesting due to the amount of support and enthusiasm of the university read full review
I studied the GDL last year and now the LPC at ULaw. It is perfect for me as a career changer and mature student - a modern environment and practical teaching. read full review
I really like it - although it is tough working full time and studying, the Uni of Law makes it easier as everything is provided meaning that you are less likely to fall behind! read full review
Supportive and beneficial for my career. The staff are helpful and the course is mostly useful in working life. I have also met lots of good friends at university here. read full review
It is a small campus so can get to know people quickly. Teaching staff are mostly really good, although there are a few exceptions.
It does seem a bit ridiculous that many rooms don't have electrical sockets, particularly considering how many people use laptops to study! read full review
Overall, its been very hard however, the experience has been great. The people, both staff and students, all help to make sure that you're coping okay with the workload and helping each other. in my opinion, my experience here was better than at my undergraduate university read full review
Very stressful, lots of work and not enjoying the extensive amount of reading to do for each workshop. More work than I anticipated and I think this should be made clear before joining the course. read full review
I've quite enjoyed it. It's a lot of hard work, but it wouldn't be worth it if it were easy! Nice friendly staff. Lovely environment to work in, (Bristol Campus specifically has lockers you can use to store stuff and textbooks which is handy!) read full review
My experience so far has been good. The academic help and support is good. There could be more extra-curricular activities, however, apart from that, I am liking the University experience so far. read full review
It has been really good and a great introduction to law whilst doing my GDL. The practical side of my course this year has really helped with my work experience, and helped me to gain a better idea of career choices in the future. read full review