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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at The University of Law

The teaching is very good, and everything is very modern, and the course is very well-planned. However, there are very few social activites, and there are very few societies to join in, so it doesn't really feel anything like an undergrad experience at a normal university read full review
Hate it. They offer no help, no reading weeks, no facilities, library and IT is poor as the computers dont even play their own itutorials and don't play the lectures online. You pay around 16,500 For this course and theyb give you a meagre 15 printing credit. No help at all if you're falling behind. It's all a big profit making scheme for them. You dont get anything for your money considering this is the most expensive uni offering the LPC. read full review
I have enjoyed it a lot. The uni could do with a wind down relaxing soce with bean bags for those of us who commute long journeys and need a rest particularly during exam time read full review
A lot of hard work, little support from the university in regards to work load. Exams are too close together. Organisation is lacking - we have no yet recurved our timetables for term 3 which starts in 1 month. read full review
The intensive nature of the course means that you have to learn a lot and quickly. This has definitely pushed me to improve on my softer skills including my time management and organisation. Ultimately, you get out of the course as much as you give, so as long as you do the assigned work and participate in class you will learn a lot. read full review

MA Law


Constandia Kyriacou - February 2019

Very good. However there are aspects of the course that I do not like (study manuals / cancelling academic appointments).

The library is fantastic, as is the diversity of students. There could be more social events though. read full review
Positive. Will prepare me well for practice. The environment is fairly relaxed despite the large amount of course content, and the tutors do not put much pressure on students. read full review
It's been very intense and tiring. The LPC aims at teaching you too many things in a very short time. I really had to learn to organise my days and since I started I have had to study practically every day weekend included. This course is very different from the undergraduate degree. read full review
Positive, though I think more tutor quality control would have been better. I think most of my tutors are great communicators who know the course through and through.

A big issue I would like to see fixed is the availability of past papers and resources to prepare us for the exams, as it feels like we're going into the exam season a bit blind. read full review
It has been good in terms of the friends I have met, the availability of the library and rooms for studying . There should be a microwave available for those that don’t want to spend money. read full review