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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at The University of Law

MA Law


Lewis - February 2020

The university feels like a machine used to produce graduates as opposed to a learning institution. What I mean by this is I feel like I'm almost being used to satisfy the University's financial targets read full review
Dismal. While the employability service is very good, I would not recommend this university to anyone. If you have the freedom to choose where to undertake your course, do not choose the University of Law. read full review
Stressful. It would be far more helpful to get more specific tasks - but access to more materials to aid with revision. We would benefit from having more live lectures as often people will learn more. I don't feel I'm learning in the same way by watching them online.

I do like the University itself and the people I've met - however there is a lot of room for improvement with a lot of the services. Including the library, where a lot of technology needs updating and the classrooms could do with a bit more of a renovation. read full review
It is getting better each month and feels more comfortable.
Read into the course before starting and speak to previous students about the difference in the way of learning. read full review
satisfactory overall. Facilities are adequate, tutors are very accessible and clearly are experienced in teaching this content. Content is quite heavy, meaning exams are daunting. read full review
I am very pleased with the quality of the teaching and the materials. The course content seems very useful and applicable to practice. There is not very much that I would change. read full review
Great really enjoying it. Fantastic teaching staff and support. Interesting core and elective modules. Practical workshops allow you to really put things into practice. Great location read full review
Negative, lack of support from the university in general and the course is self-studied. There is a lack of guidance overall. Whilst the university may seemingly provide many links to support and accessibility services, they are extremely unhelpful and clueless when you approach them. read full review

Legal Practice Course LPC


Student Reviewer - February 2020

Overall I cannot believe how much money I pay (far more than both my undergraduate and my MSc) for shoddy facilities, huge class sizes, little to no feedback on my work to check my progress through the year (I have had one round of feedback in my entire time here), and general disorganisation of the whole institution. I am upset to say this but I really would not recommend the university to anyone considering studying the LPC. It is one of the most expensive places to study the course and is absolutely horrendous value for money. I cannot wait to leave! read full review
The LPC has not been an experience that i have enjoyed, primarily due to the poor course content and teaching. I have not felt supported during my LPC, and consider that the university's clunky and confusing online facilities and the lack of appreciation for the work/ life balance of students with full time day jobs made my experience more stressful than it needed to be read full review