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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at The University of Law

Good, but frustrating with how slow timetabling is and last-minute changes. Material and tutors are good. Student services are good too. ELITE is very accessible. read full review
Teaching on LPC quite dry and very professor dependant. Some are great and concise and enthusiastic, others are slow, run over the class time because they were slow.

Wish there was better individual help for careers. read full review
I love this university. This is a very hard course but it has been made so much better from the support and friendliness of the university. I feel so supported and like I can achieve anything. read full review
The course is very intense but also very enjoyable. The advice I would give would be to have a job where you finish at a reasonable time so you have time to do all the prep and consolidation work. read full review
Really good people and manageable workload. Like the course but textbook can be dull. Nice amount of social time and Manchester is an amazing location with lots of activities. read full review
a lot of study time needed is required equating to a lot of pressure but it's been manageable. I have learnt a lot of things i would not have known but for this program. Examples include private equity and valuation of investments. read full review
So far it has been really positive. Employability and student services are excellent. The lecturers are very skilled and supportive. The content is very interesting and taught in a way that makes it easy to understand. the flexibilities of the courses are excellent as it allows me to work full time and study. read full review
Good - well-structured course with good facilities and hands-on teachers. A little bit hectic/chaotic at times, but overall good experience. Building sometimes over-crowded. read full review
It's been very good. The course is well taught and very useful for future legal trainees. The teachers are all very good and the structure of the course is intense, but thorough and interesting. read full review
It's been good so far. Ask for help, don't be afraid to come across as week or not coping. There's nothing wrong with that. read full review