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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Plymouth

I love how many event a the SU hold.
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MSc Finance


Esther - February 2023

I love the facilities available. I find the university app one of the best tools for studying as it is all encompassing.

The fact that lectures are distributed round the school buildings is interested but could be tiring sometimes . read full review
I love the facilities provided by the main library which includes access to variety of books, computer tools/resources and kind of sitting arrangements. \it also has small meeting rooms and round tables if you want to study in a group read full review
University is located in the center of the Plymouth city with spectacular campus. It is one of the largest universities in the UK. It has high-quality facilities that help its students in learning and developing skills. Staff is very welcoming, approachable delivering good teaching. The aspect were university can further improve on is the Scholarships & funding part for international student which will be very helpful in choosing smooth passage for education of student especially in case of recession and financial downfall across globe. read full review

MA Education


Leah - February 2023

Best - student life and sport opportunities
Worst - hybrid learning read full review
Complicated map and directions for new students read full review

MSc Psychology


Student Reviewer - February 2023

I love living by the sea and the area is really lovely, there are also a lot of spacious areas in the university which is very welcoming. The lecturers are passionate and great at delivering content which makes it very engaging. The people at university are very kind and want to help students achieve.

It can be tricky to manage timetables as there are changes each week and some of the support could be better and more tailored to individual needs. In terms of accessibility, some of the lecture theatres could be adapted to allow students with additional needs to engage with university better such as light sensitivity, auditory processing and wheelchair accesiblity. Though the university does do well at some areas of accessibility, it would be really helpful to have certain adaptations.

Something I would personally really like is a sensory room/quiet dimly lit place to recharge at the university or perhaps a room in the library with natural lighting or less harsh lighting as it is difficult to focus in there for me and others with sensory processing differences/autism. read full review
Nice level of independence and community feel read full review

MA Game Design


Thiago - February 2023

The university is amazing in many ways. they give you support every time and with everything. I just miss find information more easily on the website and the internal systems. read full review
The university is a great place to study, the campus is nice and well connected to other places. The campus is central to the city and is a quick walk from the train station. The doctoral college can be slow to respond, this is something that could be improved. read full review