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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Essex

I like that the library is well supplied with research material and also allows students to request any additional. I also particularly love the accessibility of study materials through various e-Learning platforms that come with the degree such as O'Reilly, Kortext along with many others. These have been instrumental for me in learning new software and keeping up to date with the latest research in my field.

Digitally is where Essex truly shines. There are cloud resources available for accessing University computers and licenced software for programming, 3D modelling with Blender, project management with Jira, version control with Gitlab. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

I have found the facilities pretty incredible especially in the science labs where I was able to conduct my research into Brain Computer Interfaces with state of the art EEG equipment and testing facilities. This has allowed me to gain an understanding and experience of the technologies as well as begin working on my Start-Up company for which I have been receiving funding.

I was also given the opportunity to study Brain Computer Interfaces for my masters project and my supervisor was one of the leading experts in the field which gave me a lot of experience, and confidence learning this relatively new technology. I also received excellent mentorship which has translated to me wanting to build my own Start-Up company to aid Paralysed people control computer game experiences autonomously.

One of my favourite features of my university experience has been studying at the Colchester Campus which is set in a beautiful natural parkland with the student Silbarrad building overlooking a beautiful lake. It is honestly a really beautiful place to go for a walk, hang out with friends and unwind. You can have picnics in the park, Barbeque near the lake or play sports in the courts.

The aspects I did not enjoy were mostly the food places being a bit lacking in their quality, though this could be offset by the occasional market stalls set up on campus by traders from the surrounding area. I also found the student nightlife to be a mild experience, preferring instead to meet people at meetup events set up by student unions and social experiences with societies such as pool, photography etc. The university seemed to have an interesting e-Sports scene which was nice to see even though the games the societies participated in weren't things I would play.

I also did not enjoy the process of finding support information for basic questions as it was difficult to speak to someone on the phone which often left me frustrated.

One thing I am thankful for was the ability to use my skills in terms of employment with the University. I worked on video projects and as a Media assistant, in a job I could balance around my studies. Furthermore I truly appreciated the financial assistance I received whilst trying to move homes after a period of illness which allowed me to have a safe place to stay and alleviated a lot of stress for me.

The University of Essex is a university that gives opportunity to different types of people and allows them to pursue their dreams in cutting edge technology which can not only change how we live our lives but help many people. read full review
Faculty and facilities are simply the best. It would have been better if there were more face to face classes and lesser online classes. read full review
At Essex, I am being taught by world-leading academics in a support and research-intensive environment. Essex trailblazing research continues to change the world for the better and is are ranked 25th in the UK for research quality (The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021). read full review
University of essex is a great place study.They provide fantastic teaching methods as well as student support read full review

MSc Data Science


Lakshmi - March 2023

University of Essex is a great place to study for a Masters in Data Science. The faculty is highly experienced and knowledgeable, providing students with a wealth of information and practical skills. The curriculum is well-structured, with a focus on hands-on learning and real-world applications. The university also offers a diverse community, with students from different countries and cultures, providing an opportunity to learn from each other's perspectives.

However, there is room for improvement in certain areas. The workload can be intense, especially during the exam periods, leading to stress and burnout. The university could benefit from offering more support services to help students manage their workload, such as academic tutoring and mental health counseling.

Additionally, the administrative processes can be time-consuming and complicated, making it difficult for students to navigate. Streamlining these processes and making them more user-friendly for students would be a great improvement.

Overall, the University of Essex provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable knowledge and skills in the field of data science, with the potential for improvements in workload management and administrative processes. read full review
The tutors really seem to care about us as people. Not just dollar (or pound) signs. The ethos of the program very much align with my values and own personal ethos which is why I chose to go here.

As far as improvements I do feel like the administrative communication could be a lot better. Things seem to get lost easily because every department seems to be shrt staffed. That is especially frustrating when it comes to the SU Cafe. They don't start seeing food or drinks until 10am, and we all start class at 9am. It would be nice if there was something available before class.

Also it would be really nice if the were a student supplies shop on campus for stationary items and things we might be able to pick up quickly.

This seems like a lot of negative stuff. But for the most part I am enjoying my experience here. read full review
It has been a great experience so far at university of Essex. I really like everything about the university and it's environment read full review
Cholcheater campus is best for study read full review

PhD Sociology


Abdullah - March 2023

Campus is not comfortable, buildings like soviet style. However, academic personnel and student union are very good read full review
The amazing tutors!
read full review