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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of East Anglia UEA


Justin - November 2019

The events during the welcoming week are a great way to transition into the uni lifestyle while also getting to meet new people. Moreover, the university also creates faculty-specific events all year long to help the students better know the members and the instructors.
The experience is enjoyable, but I believe that it also requires from the student to explore his options and keep an open mind. read full review
As my third university it has not disappointed- lecturers are most important to me and the staff here are top standard fit my course. As a postgraduate the facilities are all accessible read full review
perfect, the connection with the students is amazing. The support and academic direction of work are very helpful. I think that it is very underestimated in terms of overall ratings in the U.K. read full review
Generally very good, high quality teaching and interesting course content but more emphasis could be put on additional skills and opportunities to help with finding employment after graduation. read full review
It’s been incredible in terms of both personal and academic vantage points. The friendly nature of people make me feel like home already. On the academic front, the interactive environment in each module had made learning fun. read full review
Overall, my expectations have been met!
I had some hasitation about which university to choose and did not want to rush into a wrong decision. Now I can say without any doubts I made a right choice.
Time here is one to remember forever! read full review
Very nice experience, very helpful, and so much fun!
Made lots of friends, and experienced so many different parts of the city.
I really enjoyed it!
Make sure you manage your time propely! read full review
Good! Life-changing. I've had so many experiences - both good and bad - and yet I wouldn't change it for the world. I've met so many people from all sorts of walks of life. read full review
So far so good.
I hope the University would keep up with that. I would be nice if there are more restaurants in the University cus restaurant are always crowded and no where to sit. read full review
I love uea.
Undergrad was amazing but I’m loving post grad even more,
It’s a great environment, a campus uni in a small City, great amenities and feels very safe! read full review