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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at The College, Swansea University

Bay campus, says it all. As an international student, I could not get along with Student union. Rest all is satisfactory! read full review
The University has a serene conducive environment for students, they have a lovely and friendly lecturers that cares for students and makes sure everyone understands each and every modules, they have a listening hear to help each and every student in their difficult areas of studies. Swansea University is a great University with academic advantage and I have never for once regret choosing the University as my place of study. read full review
University life is amazing. We have an opportunity to meet a lot of students from different parts of the world. Apart from lectures a wide variety of sources are opened to us which is related with our field of studies. read full review
Its fun, i like the school of management and the extra curricular Ctivities they offer. The sports are fun too. read full review
When I first came here, my English was very bad and I didn't know anything because it was my first time abroad. The staff greeted me so friendly that I felt at home. The staff even carried my luggage and brought me to my room, it was tremendous that they were so understanding. The first time we met the teachers was fun and they showed us the university and the places we could benefit from. They helped me to improve my English skills. read full review