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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Queen's University Belfast

MSc Data Analytics


Student Reviewer - May 2020

If I had the opportunity to receive a refund for the course and start it with another university, I would do so.

This university is not providing value for money for this course, which is very negative when there is a big opportunity to recruit in this area.

The School of Maths and Physics are not prepared to admit there are issues with the course, and from a personal perspective should not be leading this course within the University. read full review

MA Translation


Panayiota - January 2020

Horrible. Not what i expected. The tuition was too high for what the course actually offered. As i wrote in the previous answer there were a lot of elements not working.
I remember there was a meeting/workshop about video game localisation and the speaker kept speaking in Chinese because the majority of students were from China. It was like a big 'forget you' to the rest of the students. read full review
QUB provides me with a lot of opportunities to study, great uni read full review