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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Oxford

Music DPhil


Samuel - April 2021

Considering the significant barriers to socialising and general life at University, I think the experience I have had this academic year has been really quite good. The university has, on the whole, managed the situation quite well - but my college (Queen’s) has adopted a particularly good stance which has enabled adherence to the government guidelines, whilst allowing the junior members to enjoy the experience as much as possible. read full review
The college and university have tried their best to make sure that the quality of education wasn't diminished this year because of COVID-19. This year being my dissertation year, with more emphasis on self-study and research instead of lots of contact hours with tutors, made it so that I didn't feel the impact as much as I might have in a different course. My supervisors this year have been excellent, so even though I didn't have a lot of contact hours, each tutorial session I had with them allowed me to hone my research further and further. read full review

Integrated Immunology MSc


Student Reviewer - March 2021

Although COVID made things inconvenient for everyone, my course was still really enjoyable with great support from the coordinators ensuring that all our needs are met. Challenging but fruitful year! read full review
It's a real privilege to be able to study here, especially considering where I'm from. read full review