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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Sheffield

Some of the best aspects of studying at the University of Sheffield include the quality of teaching, the variety of academic programs on offer, and the opportunities for research and academic collaborations. The university has state-of-the-art facilities and resources that support learning and research, including a world-renowned library and numerous research centers and institutes.
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A good university which is very considerate about their students read full review
The university has the best facilities when compared to many others. The exposure we get towards the industries and people from industries is very helpful. The help and support for the academic performance is also very good. We have people to guide us on every aspect. The career oriented programs conducted by the university is also an asset to our future. Eventhough free activities are conducted by the students union are very less. Everybody cannot afford parties everytime. And the timetabling is also hard since it doesn't have a regular pattern. Due to the location, we have sometimes difficulty traveling. read full review
Excellent location and community! Staff are very helpful and it's an excellent place for students all around. I didn't know what to expect at first but it was very easy to integrate myself into this community. read full review
The SU is great for student support, activities and work space. The vibe is chill and it’s a really comfortable place to work. There could be more workspace elsewhere on campus, and access to more computers. read full review

Law MA


Joshua - February 2023

Student societies and activities are amazing and well supported financially by the SU. This makes the whole atmosphere very fun and engaging as it feels like students have a real say in shaping the university experience that suits them. Without the financial support of the SU many societies wouldn’t be able to host as many events as they do. I love it. read full review
University of Sheffield is located in the city centre area of the city. It has several buildings around the campus with a pub and 3 amazing libraries. I love working in them because of the ambiance and service. The huge collection of books in the libraries is really helpful. The University has many activities and programmes happening in the SU and otherwise. There are over 300 societies and I'm a part of few like Yoga. They are really well managed and extremely useful. Student's union is a very friendly place to go, relax, eat and socialise. I have personally made many friends there. I also work part time in the Students union. Everything is so easy to access and works smoothly from a student and a worker's point of view. New additions like Swap Shop works really well and is also very sustainable. There are many places to sit and work as well with computers. Lot of eateries and different cuisines. I feel sad that I would have to leave Uni soon and that I'm going to miss the SU so much.
The Ma Landscape Architecture course is really well structured and have amazing professors who have varied interests. The classrooms, studio spaces and lecture theatres are designed really well considering the volume of students. There is a employability website for our course which helped me bag a paid summer internship. I'm really lucky to be in University of Sheffield and don't think have any complaints. A Proud Uni of Sheffield student. read full review

Data Science MSc


Priyanka - February 2023

The students union read full review
The best parts:
- the students Union is absolutely amazing
- the societies, especially dance, are incredible
- the part time jobs available
- I wish my course had more teaching hours (in 5 hours a week) read full review
The staff at the SSiD are amazing. They will go above and beyond to help you. Almost every lecturer is very accommodating to your needs.
The campus is beautiful and clean. With lots of stuff going on year around. Never a dull moment at UoS. read full review