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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Glasgow School of Art

The academic institutions are well organised, highly qualified staff, broad spectrum of educational instruments, clear goals and high level offer and expectations. I just wish I would work harder to take advantage of the resources available here.
The city is absolutely gorgeous, could spend my entire time wandering the streets, and my entire fortune here shopping. :))
Last but not least, the people are very friendly and relaxed, yet not intrusive (I am 6-foot 7, never seen a taller guy yet, yet no one stares - big thumbs up). read full review



Student Reviewer - April 2014

The Glasgow school of Art is pretty cool, the facilities here are awesome & the staff are fantastic. I would recommend Glasgow school of Art to anyone, they will not be disappointed. read full review


The Glasgow school of Art is pretty cool. I love it here & do not want to leave. I have also met loads of new student friends here & have made some great friends for life here. read full review

Great facilities

There are great facilities here at Glasgow school of Art. Every part of it deserves to be rated a 5 & nothing less. It is an absolute pleasure being a student here at Glasgow school of Art. read full review

Summer school

I first came to Glasgow school of Art summer school to design my portfolio. It was fantastic as we got to choose from 10 different courses each week, like jewelry, printing & even photography. read full review

My final year

I am having a great time studying textiles as the Glasgow school of Art. This is my last year if study & I will graduate a very happy person as I have had so much fun here. read full review

Looking forward to a decent career

I would love nothing more than a career doing something I really enjoy & that I am good at. Hopefully Glasgow school of Art can help me to achieve this. I cant wait to graduate. read full review

Long time studying but worth it

I have heard so many great reviews about the Glasgow school of Art & I am not disappointed so far... The only thing I find daunting is the 4 years in study but I know it will be worth it. read full review


The uni is a nice modern building inside & traditional looking ffrom the outside. I would recommend Glasgow school of Art to any student who wishes to study creative design as they have all good resources. read full review

Dont want to leave

My course in interior design is coming to an end soon & although I am excited about getting a job in this field of work, I am also extremley sad about leaving GSA as it is such a great place. read full review