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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Imperial College London

Student support terrible.
Student wellbeing is awful.
Staff said in first year that suicide was no longer and issue as they hadn’t had any in a few years. Horrible way to think.

Teaching was of bad standard as lecturers were far too into their research. read full review
Bad experience. Wouldn't have done this iBSC again if I had the chance. Notwithstanding the pandemic this course is poorly designed and I feel pity for the incoming students who will have to sit closed book exams and endure the same false choice of compulsory elective modules, most of which have nothing to do with medical students or indeed pay any attention to the needs or background knowledge of medical students. Course seems to be 10/10 for MSC bioengineers, for the iBSC course its a straight 0/10, don't bother. read full review
Really liked the projects and got to learn and advance numerous skills both inside and outside the laboratories. Got to interact with many different students from different backgrounds and also got introduced into the aspect of individual research which gave me an insight into what I wanted to do later by continuing in my PhD. read full review
Imperial has a really good alumni network which current students can benefit greatly from. The teachers as also experts in their field so you get a very varied yet informed education. However, there is quite little being done to encourage social interaction between students, which obviously has been impacted by Covid. read full review
I am in my second year which is tough in terms of workload but I still enjoy it as have sailing and lots of social friends. First year was so good living in halls, and meeting lots of new friends. Been getting great marks (1sts) and have load of internship offers as a result. read full review