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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Bedfordshire

There are a lot of good Universities out there even online. Avoid that one you can never learn anything. Only the teachers to embarrass you and that's all. I thought it would be an excellent experience for me to study there but they prove me wrong. read full review
Met my expectations, I would definitely recommend to my friends. I also consider doing a PhD as well to enjoy more of the facilities especially the University Library. read full review
Overall experience - the university is still quite unorganised. Timetables, they were given quite late at the beginning of the course which impacted my employment and the ability to get time off etc. I had to contact the university to find out my actual start date as well - it would've been nice and less stressful to be contacted well in advance. The flow of course units were not organised in a way to help with academic studies, i.e. the research unit for dissertation would've have been better placed at the beginning of the year to provide more time to collect data. Although, I think has been changed for this year's course. read full review
Lectures aren't very helpful, they don't reply to emails read full review

Computer Science MSc


Christodoula - November 2017

Been good so far. Everyone is friendly and really helpful read full review
Cool innovative read full review
Very supportive tutors and informative lectures. read full review