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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Lancaster University

Having done a previous degree at Lancaster I cannot rave more about it, I love the college environment! Coming back a little older to Graduate College helps you feel part of a community still whilst studying a postgrad qualification. My course has been amazing in terms of understanding and extending deadlines, returning feedback quickly and checking in on all students personally! The staff genuinely get to know each student and seem to care. Most of the teaching has been of great quality and it’s been wonderful to here lecturers talk about topics they are really passionate about! read full review

Business Analytics MSc


Student Reviewer - May 2021

Lancaster is actually a very good place to study, but the whole virtual environment and remote course delivery are those which made me give that rating. Despite services, infrastructure, support, etc being excellent, limited accessibility and restrictions that were in place worsened the experience. read full review
Still really like the uni - think they’ll recover great after the pandemic. The lecturers are amazing, but the online facilities have been pretty limited. The assessments have factored in the pandemic which was great. read full review
I wish there was more opportunity to meet people,but this was impacted due to covid. I felt that PG support and help regarding extenuating circumstances of this year was lacklustre, but the course itself good. read full review
Overall experience has been extremely positive, both in terms of academics but wider university life. The university was supportive and helpful when I switched courses during my undergrad. Careers service offer use for alumni’s no matter how long you have been graduated. read full review
Because of the covid situation, I didn't have the chance to assess all aspects of the university but so far I can say that definitely I'm satisfied with support and whole online processes. read full review
I would highly recommend lancaster university. It is a place I can happily call home, where I feel involved and engaged and know that it is a brilliant place for prospective students. read full review
It was on the top of my list when I applied for a Ph.D. position. The supervisors in the computing department are very knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. I never feel that I am away from my home. The labs are equipped with what I needed as a student. The research we are doing is indeed state-of-the-art in our domain ( at least this is what I believe!). I see students from all around the world from different cultures, countries...etc. I would suggest computer engineering students pursue their future at Lancaster University. read full review
I have enjoyed my year so far but it doesn't justify the intl. Tuition fees especially since it's all been online so far. I also enjoyed the campus and town life. Lancaster is a very nice and sweet place read full review
They made big promises. They charge exorbitant prices for a laughably poor standard of education. This was long before Covid-19 was on anyone's radar. If you want a distance learning programme which will actually teach you something and equip you for your future, please, please, look elsewhere. You deserve better. read full review