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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Lancaster University

Very good, lots of support offered, lots to get involved with (societies, fundraising, sport), shame about expensive student housing and so most students have to live in damp houses because they are the only ones they can afford. read full review
i have struggled over my time at uni with mental health difficulties that have stemmed from different causes but at the same time i have made some good friends, had some fun experiences, learnt a lot and been supported by so many people that i'd recommend to others the benefits of going to university in general as well as recommending Lancaster University. even the city of Lancaster offers a lot for potential future students. read full review
Graduate college is not as close-knit as the other undergraduate colleges and also offers less integration at the start of the academic year which can lead to no new friendships forming. read full review
I've loved my time here, but there is ample room for improvement on the part of the university. Especially in terms of making the place feel like it is a place of education and not a money pot (milking the international students for all they are worth) read full review

Criminology PhD


Jessica - February 2020

The experience as a PhD student has been largely positive. Academically, I have had lots of support and guidance from my supervisory team, have engaged with a number of research development courses, and have been given plenty opportunities for both teaching and research employment.

Socially, there is a huge range of societies and sports clubs and some teams that are specific to Graduate College. The amenities on campus mean that when living on campus, there wasn't much need to travel to the city centre. Living off campus, there was enough accomodation options and good transport links between the city centre and campus. read full review

History MA


Student Reviewer - February 2020

No university is perfect - but I came back to Lancaster for postgrad because I know they will look after you. My experience with Lancaster is good - I would recommend it to a lot of people. Many who leave go with an attachment to the place they just can't shake off!
When there is an issue, feed it back, usually they will help. read full review

Engineering PhD


Rabia - February 2020

I love it I want to experience more of it.
The facilities, gym, sports, clubs, everything is great and natural beauty is amazing.
Its a peaceful place to study here and progress as this is not some metropoliton city where you can party all the time.
Its a safe city with alot of time to study hard. read full review

Management Science PhD


Student Reviewer - February 2020

It's a nice experience. I love teaching and learning new stuff every day. There are many resources to avoid feeling bored. However, some of these activities might not be research-related. read full review
I really enjoy the life here as the uni is quite modern in terms of the equipments and the flexibility. There are quite a lot support from the uni provided to international students for us to better settled down to uni life. My supervisors are excellent and very nice. I really appreciate myself because of my choice of coming here. read full review

Materials Science MSc (Research)


Student Reviewer - January 2020

Really good do love the uni and the surrounding areas. This all contributed to be staying for a masters degree here and potentially a PhD! The learning environment is amazing and the social is second to none! read full review