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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Lancaster University

I am having a great time at Lancaster University, and I'm enjoying my year a lot. I made unexpected friends from all around the world, I live in a really nice studio, the courses are amazing and I'm always looking forwards to attend. Everyone is just very friendly and supportive here. read full review
My experience has been a mixed bag, due to the inconsistency in the quality of the tutoring. Some have been absolutely five star, and some, I have felt, have been lacking, which is disappointing considering the reputation of Lancaster University. However, I am still glad to be doing my course. read full review
It has been challenging and engaging. I have loved the level of expectation. I feel like I have learnt so much and gained so many new skills. I have felt so at home at the university and have never struggled to find the support I need. They listen to the feedback of students and try to do what is best for them. read full review
Lancaster University is a good university to learn something for the future. It is well organised and provides an good learning environment. However, the city of Lancaster is rather boring. read full review
People are really friendly, some things could be more organised and more clearly documented but overall I get everything I want, but maybe have to wait a little. read full review

Chemistry PhD


Cindy - February 2019

It was very enjoyful. I had a lot of different experiences and meet a lot interesting people, that helped me developing myself as a person and scientist. I would definitely have it again. read full review
My overall university experience so far has been very negative. A majority of the things I was told about the university online and during open days were false. Coming from a university that is placed in the 90's regarding university rankings, they were much better and supportive than a university in the top 10. I would not recommend this university to any postgraduates who studied their undergrad degrees elsewhere because they provide no support for you. read full review
Overall, my experience has been relatively good. Online resources are accessible and easy to navigate. Tutors have been supportive of overall progress and development. Some issues surrounding consistency of feedback from academic work. read full review
A lot of hard work, pleasant campus, mostly good teaching. Overall there are too many assignments which are due at the same time. And transport from Morecambe (less than 10 miles away) is slow via public transport (over 1 hour) and driving is expensive due to the cost of parking on campus. read full review
I think it has been great. I am a PG student currently, but I also did my UG from here too. I enjoy the campus atmosphere and the university feels like its own little city. I feel like it is a community that I am a part of. The classes and teachers have been overall very good and so have the experiences and the friends I have made. read full review