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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Kent

Social Policy PhD


Shiyu - December 2022

I like how the university care about student’s well-being like the 3 pound meal and they give international students a lot of warm. But the university sport center is a bit too expensive and the gym is not open very long during weekends read full review
I like the university, really great space, the only thing I dont like is compulsory attendance and the use of attendance codes. Should be with student card read full review
The student support
Student union support
read full review
Wonderful experience and learning a lot. read full review
Buildings where kettles are not permitted, due to electrical wiring. I was scolded for bringing in a kettle. The positive outcome was that I was introduced to Student Well-Being. I told them that I had suffered from gross malnutrition, in Ukraine, and have received a lot of help, from that point.

On the academic side I do wish that students were able to make more meaningful participation. I am thinking here of Student Presentations. Only one module out of five has included student presentations.

It's my opinion that presentations allow students more freedom to express a variety of topics, exchange ideas with each other, and, on occasion, introduce a completely new way of seeing things.

As a mature student, with experience in many countries, being confined to an academic framework is like a horse being hobbled with freedom of expression and so-called acquisition of "knowledge" being an empty concept.

It's also my opinion that there is much less freedom - in general than there used to be. For example, we used to visit classes we were not enrolled it: slipping in and sitting quietly at the back of a lecture. Now we have to sign in with a tablet or laptop for each and every lecture, or we get scolded / a warning.

Appreciating the expertise of tutors, plus access to a brilliant library is one thing. Having new ideas, or even a tad of creativity, is no longer on the agenda. The curriculum must be followed. read full review