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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Kent

The quality of teaching and support on my course is great. There is excellent flexibility, and the staff take into consideration the commitments you have beyond studying. The staff in DaLL are friendly and really care about supporting the progress of their students. read full review
I did my undergrad here too, and it just made me feel like i was at home, so i decided to do my masters here too. Campus is wonderful and so diverse. Of course there are issues, as with any university, but i would never hesitate to recommend UKC to a kid exploring their future read full review

Criminology - MA


Maineka - March 2021

Despite the entire year pretty much being fully online, it has indeed been difficult but the teaching has been good and the lecturers are trying their best, so I do applaud them for that and their support for this year. Since my Masters is only one year, it has been tough but I am grateful for the friends I have made in my course and honestly they played a major role in helping me get through this year. We would support, motivate and help each other at all times so that has been the best thing in my opinion.
The facilitates such as the library and study hubs on campus are great and for postgrads in particular, we have our own study/common room space which I loved.
Before Covid, I personally really enjoyed my years at Kent. The student life was amazing and some the best times in my life so far and I enjoyed every bit of my course. read full review
Supervisors are horrible.
They have no interest in their students educational background, never answer any questions (literally!), are deadly offended if you critizise that.
There is noone who will ever be supportive if any issues arise. read full review
I have been in Kent for 4 years. I can say that the student experience has been amazing. The campus life could not get better from what I have experienced. But to my experience what was a major issue is the amount of support for students to secure a job. We take their services and study their in order to enhance our employability. That is the whole point of the university and they have not been there to help that process.

Overall I was happy at Kent, but I am very disappointed by the lack of help they are providing. read full review


Stephanie - December 2019

Overall the university of Kent has been welcoming and made my time here a very enjoyable one read full review


Jade - December 2019

Very enjoyable read full review