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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Kent

Best aspect: Facilities and Lecturers.
Worst aspect: Student support read full review
The uni life is too good. Amazing faculty read full review
Honestly had a fairly poor experience of the uni across 3 years of undergraduate and now post graduate at the second campus in Medway. The reason I stayed was the discount given to alumni, however I would not recommend the uni to anyone and would actively discourage someone from going here. The university only cares about making money and little for its students and their experience. read full review
More library study spaces read full review
Kent is a great place to have a study and social balance because students have access to multiple study areas and facilities but are also provided with a variety of social activities to take part in. The university has a wide range of societies and students are able to make their own if they want to, diversity and inclusivity is encouraged. Canterbury as a city is suitable for students as there are a range of bars and shops, restaurants and cafes to try and enjoy, I’d only say that if a student wants a variety of clubs then it kind of falls short in comparison to other cities. The campus is lovely overall and it is great seeing the bunnies emerge in the springtime, however in the winter or just in the evening in general the campus could do with more path/street lighting, for the sake of safety. Many students, particularly female students, don’t always feel comfortable walking across or off campus when it gets darker. The accommodation at Kent really ranges, as there are some well built, very lovely rooms but then some rooms are very basic and old fashioned, and could definitely do with some modernisation and rebuilding. Of course, the accommodation that is on the nicer side has a much higher course (perhaps too high as it creeps up every year with no changes) and the basic accommodation is cheaper but also creeps up yearly too, also without any fundamental changes.
For my course in particular (I studied literature at both undergrad and postgrad), I found the School of English to be one of the highlights of my experience. The staff are all very likeable and approachable and I’ve rarely struggled to receive help with any assignments and I’ve hardly received poor feedback. Another department which excels in Kent is the Careers and Employability Service, which constantly puts on a variety of events for students looking to go into a range of industries. They also have a consistent feedback system for students looking to work on their CV, cover letters, interviews or any other part of the application process.
Overall, I would say that the University of Kent is a good place to study, there are ups and downs to any university but in my experience Kent hasn’t got a downside that is blatantly negative. I’ve had an enjoyable time here in my 4 years and I will be sad when my time here is over. read full review
Very poor student services regarding remote learning . I was accepted as a part time student and told I could choose modules that fit with my work, but the time table wasnt released until a week before term, making it impossible to align with my work. The uni then refused to provide remote learning (i.e. live video) for particular sessions which was difficult and stressful for several of us to fight our cases (living hours away from campus, unable to come to Kent multiple times per week). Thankfully we were granted remote learning status for the remainder of this year (only because of COVID) but as I'm in my first year of two, I am worried for next year. This course was offered to part time students but is not at all inclusive or understanding of part time student needs - to be able to fit lectures with their other life commitments. read full review
Amazing campus, staff and teachers makes my year of studies much more easier and smooth. read full review
The quality of teaching and support on my course is great. There is excellent flexibility, and the staff take into consideration the commitments you have beyond studying. The staff in DaLL are friendly and really care about supporting the progress of their students. read full review
I did my undergrad here too, and it just made me feel like i was at home, so i decided to do my masters here too. Campus is wonderful and so diverse. Of course there are issues, as with any university, but i would never hesitate to recommend UKC to a kid exploring their future read full review


Maineka - March 2021

Despite the entire year pretty much being fully online, it has indeed been difficult but the teaching has been good and the lecturers are trying their best, so I do applaud them for that and their support for this year. Since my Masters is only one year, it has been tough but I am grateful for the friends I have made in my course and honestly they played a major role in helping me get through this year. We would support, motivate and help each other at all times so that has been the best thing in my opinion.
The facilitates such as the library and study hubs on campus are great and for postgrads in particular, we have our own study/common room space which I loved.
Before Covid, I personally really enjoyed my years at Kent. The student life was amazing and some the best times in my life so far and I enjoyed every bit of my course. read full review