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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Kent

Marketing - MSc


Lewis - March 2022

I enjoy my course and the facilities. read full review
Being an Indian by nationality, the university makes it easier to fit in and doesn’t make one feel alienated. The faculty is alright. Although the courses could be a bit more in depth and more detailed, since it is a one year course, it doesn’t reach the level of understanding that it is expected to. The learning prospect gets a bit diminished by the fact that there you are just expected to run through deadlines every week. A bit more focus could be on providing real life exposure specially for masters’ students. read full review
The most amazing campus life in kent. I think that its easy to fit in. Masters could be of 2 years read full review
Very international student community. Great location.

More student events would create a better community feeling read full review
Social life and compact campus. read full review
Best aspects are the friends I’ve made and the campus is beautiful. The worst is the constant strikes and lack of support read full review
Best part is the coffee of our department, which is low-key the best and cheapest in the whole campus. Also fellow PhD students and lecturers for the vast majority are enjoyable people.

Worst experience: Cybersecurity issue in Jennison that is highly damaging all postgraduate students with the risk of losing 3 years of work. read full review