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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Kent

Electronic Engineering PhD


Shabnam Noor - February 2018

Life changing! There have been ups and downs but I have loved every minute of my time here. I have learned more in these 3.5 years than I have ever learned in my life, not just academically but personally as well. As a girl from a developing country, I have had access to more opportunities for growth here than I would have had in my own country. read full review

Higher Education PGCert


Tingting - February 2018

decent but not great. annoyed by excessive demand for students to give good satisfaction rates, just as i am annoyed that i need to type so many characters here to fill the box read full review

Criminology MA


Butse - December 2017

It's a great experience to study in Canterbury read full review
I am one of two people from my program who live in campus accommodation, which can be a bit isolating at times. I feel like I'm missing out on group activities because I don't live in town with the rest of them. However I have made friends on campus and largely enjoy doing my research. You can tell that the University actively wants to make the best experience possible for its students, so it seems like they're willing to accept feedback, which is nice. read full review
I loved my undergrad so much I came back for a masters degree!! The breadth of views given by both staff and students, the opportunities to leanr new skills and get involved are wonderful read full review
It's been a good experience. So much to learn here. Such a diversity in here. No discrimination. help you to get you settle down. I have booked the university transport so I don't have any problem while getting to my accomodation. read full review
Until now it has been fantastic. The staff are helpful and friendly. The teaching team are nice and easily approachable. The library is massive and have many resources that help a lot in the course. read full review

Marketing MSc


Karem - October 2017

I am happy, most things are good, the facilities, the environment, the teachers, I enjoy the cafes as well, although i find them a little bit pricey, I think that has to improve as many students we dont have parents to support us whilst we are studying.
Lower prices for food and coffe please. read full review
It's a very international university, with friendly campus. The teaching staff are very supportive and warm. The research in my subject is reputable. And Canterbury is a lovely small city. read full review
Very positive. I have loved university. There have certainly been ups and downs but my course is very interesting and the tutors/lecturers are exceptional. I have joined societies to try and learn more about different things and I feel like thats only enriched my overall university experience. So glad I decided to pursue postgraduate studies because thats how positive university has been. read full review