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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Kent

No feedback for assignments and sometimes the feedback is wrong and the lecturer cannot even justify it. Employbility/career service is not good and is a waste of time to attend. Placement office is a joke and a waste of time. Placement office staff just sit there doing nothing. University offers courses with placements which has no value in the industry so there is no way you can find a placement completing the course. Placement office staff just sit in the office saving their jobs. They have no genuine interest to support students or find placements for students. Only hadful of students go for placements. The university has some good facilities but it is the staff who makes a mess. Worst university experience ever. Kent=confusing read full review

Marketing MSc


Gbemisola - December 2018

I enjoy the modules, that the university has to offer, however, then close deadline of all the modules is quite worrying read full review

Criminology MA


Paul - December 2018

Transport team atrocious read full review