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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Middlesex University

Situated at a beautiful location, Middlesex University provides an excellent feeling for every kind. With natural grassy surroundings, and elegant architectures, Middlesex campus can be enjoyed by both nature loving people and the people who enjoy urban architectures.
The facilities cover every needs of students from entertainment to sports, and the library thats open 24/7 provides you all you need to excel in your primary goal i.e. studies. read full review
Facilities are excellent, library and study support is fantastic.
Workload is huge and pressure is sometimes more. read full review
Well-established library and student union. read full review
Facilities are incredible. I would love more communication. But overall lovely. read full review
First impression when reaching out to the uni was great. Students union support was great .
Only aspect to be worried is the mdx app showing glitches about the timetable.
Otherwise being a middle sex uni student i am feeling great read full review
There is problem with time table schedule. Apart from this Uni is superb read full review
It was a good experience in this university. There is some issue with time table planning and implementation as well. read full review

Management MSc


Ajayakumar - March 2023

Fix time table accordingly read full review