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Reviews of Postgraduate Courses

The reviews below were submitted by students currently studying postgraduate courses at UK universities. Reviews contribute towards the Whatuni Student Choice Awards, which celebrate student satisfaction in higher education and offer insight into postgrad life at university.

Uni experiences has been excellent, hence why I choose to stay in Swansea to do my masters. For future students, I would highly recommend Swansea, as it is an exciting and dynamic Uni which provides many opportunities both inside and outside academic life. read full review
Great, would not change a thing - great city, campus, lecturers etc. Would highly recommend the university to any future perspective student, undergraduate or postgraduate ! read full review
Fabulous, i studied my BA here previous and was more than happy to carry on to do my MA. All staff are super supportive, great facilities and a wonderful university /community feel. read full review

Photography MA


Student Reviewer - February 2019

It was not a happy experience. The entire time, I kept feeling like I was waiting for the course to begin. It just never went anywhere. Nonetheless, I worked hard at my projects, took advantage of the facilities, and endeavored to gain knowledge and skills. read full review
The university is great, i did my undergraduate degree here and after leaving for two years I decided to come back for my postgraduate. I cant think of anywhere else I would rather study. read full review
I have fully enjoy my time at Swansea University, the place the people and the surrounding area provide a great place to be. I have lived in many places around the UK and Swansea is my favorite place to be. read full review

International Relations MA


Lauren Davies - February 2019

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years at Swansea Uni.
The Canoe Club has made my experience 100% better than I would have had had I not joined.
My undergraduate degree in Geography was the best 3 years of my life. My Masters however is lacking. read full review
It's been tough, but as good can it can be.

My biggest fault of the University is the facilities, especially compared to my undergraduate university. The University is also not eco friendly, I have not seen a single recycling bin! read full review

Law PhD


K. - February 2019

It’s been fun, exciting, challenging, and fun. Oh I already typed fun. read full review