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Reviews of Postgraduate Courses

The reviews below were submitted by students currently studying postgraduate courses at UK universities. Reviews contribute towards the Whatuni Student Choice Awards, which celebrate student satisfaction in higher education and offer insight into postgrad life at university.

Lots of tears and dead nerve cells.
Was let down by university way too many times.
The only good i can think of is that no one is rude to your face and usually reasy to listen. you might come across good people, you might not (regarding the staff).
I absolutely loved my social life there as i met all my friends from different countries there and made a lot of uni memories. read full review
In my opinion and on the light of the three years that I spent in CCCU, I don't think I would recommend it to any of my friends. This uni policy is to catch as many students as possible and forgets about the current students. A simple example of that is the absence of coach cards at student price as in the neighboring university (uni of Kent). Absence of post graduate offices for phd students of humanities and social sciences. Absence of real career opportunities ( both part and full-time jobs). After easing up the lock down in this covid issue, most universities in the UK have reopened their libraries and campus sites with respect to the social distancing and safety measures unlike CCU which is by this date (Sept 10th, 2020) still closed for what so ever activity. read full review
The lecturers told me what I wanted to hear to get me to enrol. When I realised that this course was the wrong one, it was too late. I could not get all my money back. read full review
This isn't a university I would recommend to anyone who wants to feel like their environment is aware that the 21st century is going on. You will certainly get a prestigious name on your resume and that has its own worth. But you will work harder than necessary to do so, in an environment that takes the position that the University can never be wrong (even with hard proof). read full review
I feel very disappointed by this course and feel the course should not be allowed to operate in its current form. I think there's only 1 person that should consider this course and that is someone who is interested in film and needs an MA qualification for a certain reason such as teaching or gaining a work visa for example. The only reason I did it was because it offered the chance to continue working while all the other courses I looked at were full-time. I think now its finished and in hindsight I should have sacrificed my finances and done the 1 year full time course in a proper Institution with facilities hands on tutoring and more practical classes. Raindance do not offer much for your money apart from guidance. read full review
Nothing would make me recommend this uni to anyone - even people i don't like. It is very subjective as to whether you will do well in class or not and unfortuately i was used to a more professional standard. I also feel it is more inclined to help international students or ethnic minorities and young people. I feel t is not really interested in others i.e white or older people read full review
worst uni, poorly managed, and unhelpful, wish I'd never applied. Don't go here, really just don't bother. They fucked up my course, and just said tat it's their legal right to make me extend my course an extra 6 months, and take a huge break. read full review
It has been awful, even before covid. The school messed up everyone's courses, the teachers material is outdated and most are mediocre teachers or highly pretentious. The labs are rubbish, and getting help has been an absolute joke. Taking payment from students is always on time.. surprise. Every other aspect of this university has been an utter nightmare. The computing department is a joke and the school is a waste of time and money. read full review
Appalling. Would shut down the whole university if I could. No better than A level standard. Must lecturers unqualified to teach what they are supposed to. The University offers substantial fee discounts because noone would come here otherwise. read full review

Pharmacy PhD


Salmiah - August 2020

Excellent. Be prepared to work hard and achieve your goals at the same time enjoy the experience in the University. Join community on and of campus for wide range of places to visit. read full review