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Reviews of Postgraduate Courses

The reviews below were submitted by students currently studying postgraduate courses at UK universities. Reviews contribute towards the Whatuni Student Choice Awards, which celebrate student satisfaction in higher education and offer insight into postgrad life at university.

It has been good so far, thank god! It was an adapt of change in terms of environment, people and also to get the assignment done according to the uk-style of how to finalize it. read full review
Great, Northumbria is a good Uni which does its best to look after students the right way. Its heart is in the right place. The staff are wonderful and it is in the heart of fantastic city. read full review
Very pleasant, I am really growing as a person, and safe and pleasant environment is also helping me to focus on my studies and concentrate on main purpose, which is learning and studying. read full review
I liked that it pushed myself to learn new things and be better, I meet really smart people. But other than that the lectures have slides 10 years old "inherited" from previous teachers of that module. If there is math in a slide there are 40% chances it is something incorrect there. The entire "study by yourself" filosophy is a bit weird because the teachers are unable to help you because you studied from different materials and sources. Sometimes we have to do things some way just becasue they are harder instead of focusing on using industry standard technologies. Too much reinvention of the wheel is happening. I know it is important for learning but we also have to prepared for industry where almost nobody will want to reinvent the wheel. read full review
It has been challenging and engaging. I have loved the level of expectation. I feel like I have learnt so much and gained so many new skills. I have felt so at home at the university and have never struggled to find the support I need. They listen to the feedback of students and try to do what is best for them. read full review
Lancaster University is a good university to learn something for the future. It is well organised and provides an good learning environment. However, the city of Lancaster is rather boring. read full review
People are really friendly, some things could be more organised and more clearly documented but overall I get everything I want, but maybe have to wait a little. read full review

Chemistry PhD


Cindy - February 2019

It was very enjoyful. I had a lot of different experiences and meet a lot interesting people, that helped me developing myself as a person and scientist. I would definitely have it again. read full review
Course is not very good but I like the university and city of Newcastle as a whole. The lectures are not very constructive and I don't feel I learn much during them. read full review
pretty darn great actually. People have been friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. There is lots of training and support to build your skills. The surroundings are lovely and there's a beautiful campus. With ducks. read full review