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Reviews of Postgraduate Courses

The reviews below were submitted by students currently studying postgraduate courses at UK universities. Reviews contribute towards the Whatuni Student Choice Awards, which celebrate student satisfaction in higher education and offer insight into postgrad life at university.

Traumatic. This is an Orwellian place. Supervisions driven by emotional outbursts. Infrastructures, such as the library, not commensurate with the number of students. Also, dirty. But it's first and fore mostly a disappointment on a human level. read full review
I love Arden, with them, I have fulfilled a dream. I have always wanted to study in the UK especially because of the comprehensive approach to learning...I finally have it.

I am indeed blessed read full review
It is pretty good so far, I just wish there are more socializing events for international students though.
My experiences might not be very accurate since I have only been here for around 1 year. read full review
Brilliant experience with international environment, welcoming staffs and lecturers, practical modules, affordable costs, vibrant city. At Leed Beckett, you have opportunity to enhance your study while still keep work life balance and living cost here does not cost you a fortune read full review
Leeds Beckett University has given me an opportunity to meet wonderful people from different countries and walks of life. I have learned many things personally and professionally. It made me feel comfortable though i'm miles away from home. read full review

Biological Sciences PhD


Student Reviewer - March 2020

Bangor University is a small but friendly University and really cares about the success and well-being of the students. If you're not a city person and prefer a small-town vibe with lots of opportunities for outdoor activities, Bangor is a great place to live. read full review
The experience has been disappointing. I chose thia University because of the high reputation it has for it's education courses and unfortunately it has been a disappointment. I did not get a mainstream placement until after Christmas, so it is just as well i enjoyed my first one as that is now the area I would like to go an work in. Many people didn't even get a placement till mid December or even the start of January, so be prepared if you choose to apply. I feel like I should have learned ao much more than what I did during university lectures yet learned far more at placement. For example during my second placement i learned that PEE paragraphs aren't really the best for top set groups as they dont stretch them enough, yet PEE,PEAL,PEEE are all explored and seen as the main way to write in subject studies sessions.
The assignments haven't been particularly useful either. The first assignment was a 1000 word proposal and there was far more support on that than there was for the actual 4000 word case study that followed.
Overall my experience hasn't been as positive as I was hoping it would be. read full review
I wish i had gone to a proper art school. I feel like ive been ripped off. They took my money but didnt give anything in return. They dont really care about students only with policies and politics. read full review
Staff are not very nice. Can’t control students who are behaving like 5 year olds. Not professional at all. I got pushed aside because I was quiet compared to those individuals. I was treated wrongly. read full review
Very awful. Don't come to this uni to do your PGCE in MFL or you'll have a nightmare of a year. Not only the course leader will bully you, but you will also not improve as a teacher. He has very old and strong views on how MFL should be taught therefore you'll finish your course with very few useful resources and knowledge on how to be a good teacher. read full review