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Reviews of Postgraduate Courses

The reviews below were submitted by students currently studying postgraduate courses at UK universities. Reviews contribute towards the Whatuni Student Choice Awards, which celebrate student satisfaction in higher education and offer insight into postgrad life at university.

I wish I had chosen a different univesity. If you have decent undergraduate grades I suggest you look into UCL, York, Brunel and Sussex. Despite their touted selection for students with a good undergraduate, Birbeck will take ANYBODY who is willing to pay the fees, there is no selection, it is all just a pretense. read full review
I believe this was one ofy best experiences I have ever had. I got meet some great people (lecturers and Coursemates). Everyone in Leicester treats you very well and will provide all the support you need especially during yhis coronavirus time. I am glad that I came to this university. read full review
I want the last year of my life back. Honestly, save your time and go somewhere better. The teaching is poor, the experience is terrible and the overall communication from the uni is none existent. We were treated like inventory. They're just interested in bums on seats, not what happens after you are through the door. read full review
Please do not do a PGCE at this University.
I was bullied by staff and by grown adults on my course. You should never put a student on placement at a school where a fellow student’s partner works. read full review
-No support at all
-After only 6 months I am feeling stupid, uncomfortable, unsecure, and treated unfairly.
-The course programme, even if approved by BPS, is same as first year of BSc degree, with only one difference in marking
-Good if you don't have time to attend university and working full time
-No regulations about double checking marking - if they want give you 0 they will, and you can't request second marking. Not sure if there is anyone outside of the University who check assignments
-If not the price and student loan, I will leave the course after 3months
-Limited resources access
-No advice about careers, courses, job opportunities
-Nothing exciting or passionate about the course. Basic information. read full review
I don't think it's value for money. The PGCert at Oxford University is enjoyable and well run and I would have happily left it there as there are many similar courses to the Oxford Brookes element which are free at IHBC and SPAB. read full review
I'd say that the best part about my university experience was the people that I've been fortunate enough to meet. I suppose this could have happened at any institution, and I certainly got lucky. But Cardiff has an excellent reputation, so it's not a surprise that it would attract people who want to study and succeed, but also interact with others. Having said that, I am studying on a communications masters, so my experience will likely be different to other courses!

The academic staff in my school are clearly passionate about their roles, but I have found the standard of teaching to her very hit and miss from lecturer to lecturer. The course is also undergoing a transition in terms of content, and I feel like we definitely got caught in the middle of that.

The university and city both have a fantastic feel about them. I've loved living and studying in Cardiff. It's affordable, and offers an excellent study/life balance. I feel positive about my job prospects - despite Covid-19 - and feel proud to have the university on my CV. read full review
Warwick university is a big avoid!!! They like to charge the fees for facilities that are not there. The library is very dated. Tutors do not seem to care especially at postgrad level. The admin team and not bothered by class sizes being overflowed for seminars. read full review
Absolutely appalling. I have had to complain on a number of occasions, on one occasion they shared a spreadsheet containing student numbers and the fact students had failed to the whole of the university which was incredibly embarrassing and a breach of information sharing policies.

The course is completely a waste of money. read full review