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Sabine Hotho - Applicants

Last Updated:

07th August 2013

I think what I'm looking for in a prospective applicant is keenness, interest, and enthusiasm for study; enthusiasm to make progress in their own development, have a career focus, an enthusiasm for learning and enthusiasm for extending their current knowledge base. And enthusiasm for engaging those complex problems and a really keen desire to go out into the world of work to make a significant contribution to organizations on the basis of their learning.

So I think I'm looking for students with drive, with energy, self- initiative, and with a real, real enthusiasm also, for sharing that knowledge. Because one of the most important contributions I think students and postgrads come in to organizations, is share the knowledge and assist others in developing themselves as well, and exert real leadership function. So I think in a way, I'm looking for the potential leaders of the future.

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