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Reasons to Study a Part Time Degree

We can have part time jobs and part time hobbies. So why not have a part time degree too? Here are some reasons why studying a part-time degree could be ideal for you.


Flexible Studying

A part time degree is the ideal solution if you want to study a postgraduate course but have other commitments such as work or family.

Part time degrees are perfect in this instance. Many of the classes are held during evening hours, giving those taking them time to attend to other matters during the 9-5. It also gives time to continue working, making saving up and paying fees much easier.

For University of Kent student Rebecca Stupples, a part time Masters degree in Film and Production Studies was the perfect fit for her. Rebecca explains, "It meant I could work part time to cover my rent and living costs. It also opens up my timetable and allows me to apply for work experience and shadowing, so I can gain experience in the industry."


More Time to Study

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The other great thing about part-time study is the fact you’ll be learning over a longer period of time, so you’ll be able to have a balance of studying and other life commitments . "I have more time to play catch up plus longer to take in new information without being overloaded in work," says Rebecca.

However, she recommends using the extra time out of your timetable properly. If you find you can't make much use of the freer weeks, you may need to doing consider if you’re able to do your degree in a year rather than the two years allocated.

If you’re considering a part time degree, you’ll need to have quite exceptional time management skills. Luckily online learning has made part time learning easily accessible for days you can’t get to the lecture for whatever reason.



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While a part time degree might not be as intense as its full time alternative, it can still be equally as challenging.

What did surprise Rebecca was that part time students and full time students follow a reasonably similarly curriculum when it comes to taught material. "The subjects and readings are enough to handle part time and only doing a single module in a month and being able to focus solely on that is a bonus."

If your circumstances change throughout the course of your studies, it can be hard to stay focused on your degree. For these reasons, it’s good to have your family on your side when you’re doing your degree - especially if you’ll be relying on them to fund some of your studies.

So is this all worth it? Rebecca seemed to think so. "It was then, and still is, the best choice for me,” she says. It works out so I can still live away from home and sustain myself, while still gaining experience and knowledge in my chosen field."




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