Postgraduate Article Archive

  • Diary of a Postgraduate: Assessment Time

    In her latest diary installment, Physician Associate Studies student Aimee takes us through her first ever Objective Structured Clinical Examination. This month I’ve had my OSCE. OSCE stands for O...

    03rd January 2017
  • Diary of a Postgraduate: Fire Up Those Brain Cells!

    After reflecting on my undergraduate years, and psyching myself up for the start of my postgraduate life, my adventure is now officially beginning. I have moved back to Swansea, secured a part time jo...

    29th September 2016
  • Diary of a Postgraduate: Exams Already?!

    So November is drawing to an end, and in medical school, this means it’s time for exams. Since my last blog, I have completed the cardiovascular block of the course, covering hypertension, valvular...

    02nd December 2016
  • Diary of a Postgraduate: What on Earth is Physician Associate Studies?!

    I’m now four weeks into my postgraduate studies and I’m absolutely loving it; I have made some great new friends and learned more in those four weeks than I thought was possible. One thing that has ca...

    01st November 2016
  • Distance Learning Distractions and How to Deal With Them

    The idea of learning in a lecture hall is slowly becoming dated as distance learning with PowerPoints and podcasts take over. Distance learning teaches you all of the information whilst also giving yo...

    27th October 2016
  • How to Make the Most of Your Time as a Postgraduate Student

    So you got into a postgraduate programme. Now what? Whether you’ve come straight from an undergraduate degree or had a little break in between, going into a postgraduate course can be a difficult tran...

    06th October 2016
  • What I Learned from my Undergraduate Days

    You’ve finished your degree, donned your cap and gown and posed for your graduation photos… so now what? Your uni friends have all moved back home; some are getting jobs, others are accepting places o...

    01st September 2016
  • 10 Reasons to Study in the Welsh Capital

    The founder of the NHS hailed from Wales, all the best rugby players are Welsh and even swashbuckling hero Harrison Ford was rumoured to be moving to Cardiff. Just what is its secret? Joanna Gravett i...

    06th July 2016
  • Mental Health Support at University

    Taking a postgraduate degree is no small feat, and if you have a mental health condition, a year can seem like a mountain. According to WHO, one in four people are affected with a mental or neurologic...

    05th July 2016
  • How to Have a Postgraduate Social Life

    Yes, postgrads can and do have social lives. They may not involve quite as many ‘quad vods’ and foam parties as your undergrad degree, but by the time you are considering becoming (or have already bec...

    01st July 2016