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Postgraduate Article Archive

  • The Pros and Cons of Being a Physician Associate Student: An Honest Account

    As someone who absolutely loves my course and is excited for my future as a physician associate, I am aware that my diary of a postgraduate series may portray the course as being all “sunshine and dai...

    18th May 2017
  • What I’d Wish I’d Known About...Living on a Student Budget

    Managing on a student budget after being in paid work was one of the hardest things to manage for me, so make sure you manage the transition effectively, take stock and prepare to cut back a bit. P...

    22nd December 2015
  • Diary of a Postgraduate: Ward Rounds

    Last time, when I wrote about what PA students do on GP placement, I mentioned that I was just about to begin my very first hospital placement. Myself and my coursemates were allocated to different...

    19th April 2017
  • Diary of a Postgraduate: What on Earth is Physician Associate Studies?!

    I’m now four weeks into my postgraduate studies and I’m absolutely loving it; I have made some great new friends and learned more in those four weeks than I thought was possible. One thing that has ca...

    01st November 2016
  • Distance Learning Distractions and How to Deal With Them

    The idea of learning in a lecture hall is slowly becoming dated as distance learning with PowerPoints and podcasts take over. Distance learning teaches you all of the information whilst also giving yo...

    27th October 2016
  • Mental Health Support at University

    Taking a postgraduate degree is no small feat, and if you have a mental health condition, a year can seem like a mountain. According to WHO, one in four people are affected with a mental or neurologic...

    05th July 2016
  • 11 Benefits of Being Flatmates with Postgrads

    Fed up with stolen milk, tired of midnight music and looking for some like-minded conversation? Then living with undergrads just isn’t for you. Luckily, help is at hand, because postgraduate house...

    28th January 2016
  • 5 Films That Will Make You Want to Become a Postgraduate Student

    The great student population makes for excellent film fodder for directors across the world, but there are a few films that will make you want to stick around for longer than your allotted three (or f...

    22nd December 2015
  • How to Budget for a Postgraduate Year

    Do you struggle to save money? Never fear, our handy hints and tips are here to help you plan a realistic student budget – and stick to it. For many students, one of the hardest parts of planning f...

    23rd September 2015
  • How to Get Postgraduate Items for Free

    Studying a postgraduate course doesn’t come cheap and every penny can count, so shelling out dosh for essentials can sometimes break the piggy bank and make you consider going back to your undergradua...

    09th September 2015