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Why You Should Read More

'Knowlegde is power', so they say, and books are filled with knowledge. So, whether you’re reading to educate yourself, or simply reading for fun, it’s definitely something you should be doing more of. 

And with the growth of eBooks and the popularity of Kindles, reading has never been easier. The light-weight tablets can easily be carried around with you so you can catch-up on another chapter at your earliest convenience. 

Here's just some of the benefits of reading more:

Gain a Fresh Perspective

Reading far and wide can help you to understand something from different perspectives, particularly if you’re into politics. HuffingtonPost acknowledges the incredible way in which reading can change the way we view the world, and you can completely change the way you think if you educate yourself enough. Whether you’re reading about work, food, health or politics, you could finish with a completely different outlook on life.

Discover Something New

Similarly, reading can help educate you into a new hobby – or even a new career. There are endless options, whether you’re learning a new language, expanding your IT skills or even discovering more about the trading industry.

The more books you read, the more likely you’ll be successful in each area, particularly if you already know some information about it. In fact, if you do become an expert in the field in which you’ve studied, you could kick start a new career. Whether you’re looking to travel and work in a different country, grow in the IT industry or make money through trading – reading a book could be more than a hobby.

Increase Mental Stimulation

While expanding your knowledge is definitely a key reason to keep reading, it also increases your mental stimulation. According to LifeHack, reading helps you to stay mentally stimulated, which can also slow the progress of Alzheimers or Dementia.

Reading also helps to reduce stress. It’ll allow you to relax and release tensions which may have been circulating. Similarly, due to the number of things you need to remember while reading, it also helps your mind, improving your memory as you turn each page.

Improve Communication Skills

Not only does reading help your mental health and expand your knowledge, but you’ll also find that it improves essential communication skills. According to SeriousReading, as well as improving your writing skills and expanding your vocabulary, your communication skills will continue to grow. As you read more, you’ll be able to communicate better.

Reading will soon become one of your favourite hobbies. The more you read, your knowledge and your skills will continually improve. Make it your aim to pick up a book in 2020 and see what's changed this time next year.


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