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Postgraduate Article Archive

  • MBA Careers - Improving Your Job Prospects

    Your MBA is an amazing opportunity. It will not only teach you more about business and finance, but will also provide you with the chance to make some useful connections that could potentially further...

    03rd June 2013
  • Studying an MBA/Business course

    Studying business and administrative subjects – including management, human resources, marketing and finance – may provide you with a wide array of career choices upon graduation. In recent years, the...

    09th July 2013
  • MBA Application Guide

    An MBA is a postgraduate qualification in business aimed at those who have previous experience within a business environment. There are a number of different MBA study options available including full...

    14th April 2014
  • What is an MBA?

    An MBA (otherwise known as a Master’s in Business Administration) is a postgraduate qualification that focuses on the aspects considered key to running a business. An MBA is both a widely recognised q...

    03rd June 2013
  • Funding an MBA - The Financial Commitment

    The MBA course is a prestigious qualification to have for those wishing to pursue a career in business or finance. However, as well as being a strong academic commitment for potential students, it is ...

    09th December 2013
  • Specialist MBA or General MBA: Which Should You Study?

    To specialise or not, that is the question. With a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), you have the choice whether to study for a general MBA or to go down a more specialised route. The decis...

    06th September 2016
  • Why Study Online?

    Not got time to go into the classroom but still want to study a postgraduate course? Then why not consider distance learning and study online, whenever you want and in your own time. Still need som...

    21st December 2015
  • How to Write an MBA Application Essay

    A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is considered by many to be the ultimate business qualification. It isn’t hard to see why; this postgraduate qualification is recognised globally and can del...

    14th December 2015
  • Immerse yourself in a world of learning with an Aston MBA

    Margaret Keane, MBA graduate (class of 2014), explains how the Aston MBA was instrumental in helping her to start a new career. The MBA allowed her to work on some consultation projects as part of her...

    06th November 2014
  • All about the MBA at London Met

    Course Leader Dr Hazel Messenger offers students an insight into London Metropolitan University’s challenging MBA programme. The MBA is linked to key areas like Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and...

    10th October 2014