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Why do a Postgraduate Degree in Learning Theory?


Postgraduate Learning Theory Courses are a great way for professionals working in education, medicine, law and sociology to expand their knowledge and expertise in a specific area.  A large proportion of Learning Theory Postgraduate courses are available part-time, so many students choose to complete their postgraduate qualification whilst staying in employment. 

Often undertaken by qualified teachers, postgraduate qualifications in Learning Theory enhance knowledge gained in the teaching environment and contribute to professional development, which in turn can lead to opportunities for promotion and career development. 

Those dealing with children and teenagers in other contexts, like healthcare and social work, can also improve their professional qualifications - as well as their academic credentials - by taking a postgraduate course in Learning Theory.

Learning Theory courses relating to Social Anthropology are also available, for those looking to study child development on a wider scale, and PhD study in early years development, education, childhood and adolescence, as well as numerous other fields relating to learning theory, are available to study at UK universities. 

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